Brighton Blue Birkin??

  1. Hi,
    I am a newbie on your board and have been offered a 30 Birkin in Brighton. It does have silver h/w but I am not sure of the type of leather.

    I am in LOVE with BJ and wanted a 35. How is the Brighton compared to the BJ?

    Is the 30 alot smaller than the 35?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. i think the brighton is a deeper shade of blue, not as bright as the blue jean. i think the 30 cm is quite a bit smaller, i was surprised at how small the bag is in real life! then again i am fairly tall at 5 foot 7 :smile:

    have you seen the bag in person? then you'll KNOW if it's the bag for you :biggrin:
  3. Hi melboca,

    welcome to tpf! you have come to the right place! To me, the brighton blue is darker than the BJ. The Bj has more of a sky blue undertone, IMO. The brighton blue is a new color of Hermes and u are very lucky to have been offered that color. Most people like the 30cm compared to a 35cm but it depends on ur personal preference. Some people like the 35cm bc they are taller and use it as an everyday bag. But like I said, its personal preference. Hope that helps!! Pls let us know what you decide! Congrats!!!
  4. I saw a B Blue Bolide in Clemence last week, the color is lovely. Get her!!
  5. I have a bb bolide in chevre and love the color - the BJ is lighter....BB to me is actually more of a denim blue IMO! Although it can look different in the different leathers. Size is important though as it seems there's quite a difference in the two sizes, not only in width but in weight as well. Have you carried a 35 before? When I've opened my 30 birkin it looked smaller at first but for me it's the best size and more than enough room...
  6. Brighton blue is a lovely color, but much deeper than BJ, and 30cm is a very useful size (actually it's probably my favourite) but it is indeed quite smaller than 35 in both lenght height and deepness. So that bag is a totally different story, an amazing one, but totally different.
  7. I was offered orange in 35 just last week but I passed on it without seeing it due to the fact I had my heart set on BJ. I felt that while I loved the orange color it wouldn't be as "user" friendly as an everyday color.

    I carry bigger bags in general. I would use my Birkin as my everyday bag which I why I feel 35 is a better fit for me.

    My concern is going to see the Brighton IRL would tempt me too much, lol.
  8. Yes Brighton is more Blueberryish than Blue Jean which is ocean/sky blue. The 30 is dramatically smaller than the 35. Not only in width but length and depth also, in my opinion.
  9. blue brighton has some purple undertones to it. and blue jean is just plain baby blue/sky blue. both are gorgeous.

    blue brighton is only available in clemence and croc at this time but i have yet to see a croc bb good luck!
  10. I think that I may just have to check her out tomorrow! I assume it was clemence since she never said anything about croc.

    I find BJ just a beautiful color and goes with almost everything. I am curious to see the Brighton just fearful,lol.
  11. ^^^just a note that my brighton is in chevre! And blueberry-ish is a good description! Only in chevre I feel it's very subdued....

    BB and shawl and bracelet 002.jpg
  12. BB is beautiful! I'd definitely consider it!
  13. I would stick with BJ... unless you would still get the BJ later even if you bought the brighton Blue...
    Brighton Blue IRL lacks the depth of color and the "punch" that you would find in the darker blues eg Thalassa Blue or Blue Roi..(both of which are rarely offered now)
  14. Since you prefer bigger bags, I wouldn't get the 30. It's considerably smaller than the 35. But I do feel you need to try them both on to know what suits you better.
  15. Brighton Blue is such a pretty color! And if you carry big bags, the 35 will be perfect for you :smile: