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Can I bathe in them?
Mar 31, 2007
Do you like Brighton too? I am curious as to how many ladies here also love Brighton. The leather is so soft and smells so good. I have some of their jewelry and belts and just love them. I bought one tiny purse several months ago but returned it because I always use my Coach.


Nov 16, 2006
I have several pairs of their earrings I love the filligree and really like some of their small leather items. (Hello COACH - Brighton makes check book covers!!!!) I have fallen in love with some of their sandals but haven't bought them yet.

There is a Brighton shop near my home - When they have their Summer trade in sale (you get $25 or $50 off a purchase for trading in a bag that they donate to charity) it always seem like old Coaches and Dooneys are the common trade-ins!


Apr 19, 2007
I have just a couple of pieces, a wallet and an Agenda/purse has a removable strap (which is very clever and nice). I do have a few pieces of jewelry, a belt and a couple of shoes (I do like their shoes - especially living where I do.. they are as "western" as I'm willing to go.... just a little silver filagree...(i'll only buy them if I like them and they are on sale though!!)
I DO like the look of their luggage... but for that price, with the way they are treated by the airport/baggage etc... just wouldn't do it!!

It's one of the bags I DO have access to where I live - and since I live in the WEST it fits right in and I see alot of it here!!
They are a brand that is VERY easy to pick out, the general "look" doesn't change too much... so I don't have the desire to have more than maybe 1 favorite! or small items that work with other things!!


so CoachyCoachy
Feb 8, 2007
Oh if you are a cowgirl, and I can be, Brighton has some very nice pieces. I also like Brahmin bags. Brahmin and Bally's were my first "Nordstrom" purchases when I was up and coming hoity toity!