Brighton bag....anyone own this...your opinion

  1. I just saw this on QVC....I need to know what is your opinion on this brand. Qualilty ...

  2. They are very popular with suburban mom's...that is not necessarily a bad thing. I used to wear them a long time ago, when they were not as popular. I kind of got tired of them after I saw everyone else around town with them. They have recently been updating their look and they have some nice styles. I think the quality is high. It's a good, solid bag. By the way....I am a suburban mom, so I am not putting them down!!
  3. There is a Brighton store in the mall near me - I have never gone in, though I saw that they had bags there. It's a new store, and I don't really know anything about it! But yes, it's in a suburban NJ mall, lol.
  4. When I was in Dallas for a convention about 12 years ago, I came across this brand and bought a bag for around $300, I think. I still have it, sitting in the back of my closet, but I used it to death! I'd probably bring it out again and use it, but I noticed that the silver medallion finish has deteriorated and looks kind of funky. Harware is a very big thing with me, and I always want the hardware on my bag to look antiqued and used....but not worn, know what I I wonder what the Brighton hardware is like nowadays.......they are pretty!
  5. thank you for your responses ladies... I will try to post pic of this bag so you gals can see.
  6. thank you for your responses ladies... I will try to post pic of this bag so you gals can see.
  7. i've owned many brighton bags...i think they are adorable looking and some of them are made really well...there were a couple that i bought that had hardware problems and fraying though...if i was going to get another one, i'd get it from a brighton store/boutique as you can bring anything back there for them to repair or exchange...
  8. I have had several Brighton bags & wallets. They are great quality and very durable.
  9. my mom has a luggage set and loves it
  10. I would buy a Brighton that has a registration number (not all do) -- those are the ones they will guarantee virtually unconditionally. I had a bag strap break and when I called them they said it had been redesigned since I bought it. They sent me a return label, remanufactured the bag, and sent it back in a new dustbag in one of their nice boxes -- whole thing took two weeks.

    I like the quality of Brighton bags, but so many of them are just too small for me. If you have one of their stores nearby, you should go in and look. Also, their website has a million things on it but it can be annoying to navigate.

    I don't know if QVC is selling the 'same' bags that Brighton sells themselves and through small stores.
  11. I love brighton handbags they are amazing quailty espcially for the money. It is the only handbag I use now.
  12. The word that comes to my mind when I think of Brighton bags, is "cute." They're cute and girly, always with the little dangly charms, even before it was a big fad. I have several, and yes, I am a suburban mom (and grandmom!).
  13. I've seen a few around Dallas. I think they're cute! Love the flashy wallets that look like a big flower - sorry don't know the names. :smile:
  14. I had a brighton once - it was very sturdy and cute. I ended up selling as I never wore it, but they are good quality. I still have quite a bit of their jewelry and it's all held up well also.
  15. I have a Brighton now that I really love. I purchased it before the thickness of the leather was reduced. I paid close to $400 for it, and I see now that Brighton is selling their bags for the low $200's or even lower. They still are cute, but their quality has kinda dwindled.