brightest red

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  1. What is the brightest red for a classic flap (medium/jumbo) in lambskin or caviar? the kind of red I have in mind is Louboutin red. From the reference thread 05 red seems to be the winner, is that correct? what years come close? TIA
  2. 05 is one of the nicest colours,but hardest to get now,im sure one of other member will have more info,06,07 seem nice,and if you can find it 09 caviar jumbo,you have more choice in usa,check other threads,as well
  3. 05 is theeee best red. It is the HG of most girl's, including mine, Chanel wish list.
  4. It looks gorgeous! Such a pity that chanel hasnt made more bags in that color... maybe in 2010. is there any recent red that comes close?