Brighter Days are here!

  1. HI All!
    I first off want to thank you guys for keeping my spirits up while I have been going through looking-for-new-job worries...I really appreciate it!
    Well, today, I received not one, but 3 job offers! Now I am a pleasant sticky situation...which one to choose! (Kind of a nice dilemma for a change) I do believe when one door shuts, two more its time to celebrate...perhaps with LV???????????????:yahoo:
  2. Congrats!!!!!!!!
  3. congrats! let us know if u celebrate ;)
  4. LV is great for celebration lol! Wow 3 job offers! Thats great! Congratulations :biggrin::biggrin:
  5. congratulations!!
  6. congrats! Get something you'll Lvoe!
  7. Congratulations! What a great dilemma to be in! You could celebrate by re-buying one of your speedies!
  8. Well done!! U should be very pleased with urself!!! Just go with ur heart as to what u want to do :smile: And then tell us what LV u celebrated with (agree with Alexis77, u shud rebuy one of ur speedies that ur missing so dearly!) maybe a speedy and something else small like a purse?
  9. Wooohooo!!!! Congratulations!!! Soooooooo happy for you!!!
  10. Yay! Congratulations...A new LV is well deserved!!
  11. WOOOOOP WOOOOOP Congrats!
  12. Congrats!!!
  13. yay, congrats! As soon as you accept one of these offers ... go get that Speedy you miss so much!
  14. whispering in your ear..... Speedy 35, Speedy 35, Speedy 35, Speedy 35, Speedy 35............
  15. Congratulations! Definitely time for some LV, what would a celebration be without it?!