Bright vs. Subdued colors...Preference or Personality?

  1. Sorry that my title sounds like a Dr. Phil Book title! :p

    Hi all! I've only this summer discovered the wonder that is Balenciaga and I find myself a bit obsessed and coveting many different colors. Last month, I was on a quest for Vert Gazon or French Blue items, but when I couldn't locate anything I wanted, I resigned myself to buy things in Ocean and Pine when it came out. Now, I've tracked down a few things in VG and FB that I would have loved to have last month...

    ..I just don't know if I want those colors anymore! What is wrong with me?! :cursing:

    Was it because the colors were bright and beautiful that I was instantly attracted to them? Why has the attraction faded? Do you find yourselves growing weary of the brighter colors?

    I still find the colors to be outrageously beautiful, but am I actually thinking about forsaking VG and FB for Pine and Ocean? Am I crazy? Am I just a dark dark person? lol Any sort of response would be great, I'm trying to get a handle on my emotions! :confused1:
  2. heh, i think a lot of us have experienced what you're feeling to some degree, especially those of us who are new to the board and just starting out our love affair with balenciaga.

    if you're anything like me, you're probably just a bit indecisive over all the beautiful bbag offerings...all these colours and styles are enough to have anyone's head spinning, how are we supposed to commit?

    at the end of the day, you like what you like, and it all comes down to personal preference. no colour is 'better' than another, it's just a matter of what does it for you! i was never in love with many bright colours, and vert gazon / french blue never appealed to me, but my most recent bbag is a vert d'eau (minty green) day, and i love it immensely - the colour really called out to me and i had to buy it, even while being a person that mostly wears dark clothing!
  3. Is it possible that your attraction to the darker colours may have something to do with Fall's impending arrival? I find myself craving darker colours once I start thinking about Fall (which starts early since I follow the fashion scene) and lighter, brighter ones for Spring and Summer... although I use all of my bags on a year-round basis and am generally more attracted to brighter colours...
  4. I agree - you must love fall! ;) Fall is the best season! All the beautiful colors, and the cool clothes and sweaters and BAGS! I find myself always gravitating towards the fall colors, no matter what season it is.
  5. I am so indecisive over the colors! There are so many and then there are past colors that I assume will make returns in later seasons and just too many! Commitment problems with bbags! Ahhhh!

    I would never say a color is better than another, maybe I would say better for me, but the bright colors they have are just so beautiful, I didn't think leather could be so gorgeously colored!

    Now I see why some members buy and sell things over and over, it's so hard to decide!
  6. My preference is neutral colours, as I tend to wear mainly browns, creams, greens etc. However I have ventured into brighter bbags like aquamarine and rouille, but not sure my love of these will last for long.
  7. I tend to like darker colors more, my wardrobe is 60% black, but because the colors that balenciaga offers are so bright and beautiful, they make sense. I'll admit, I am too pansy to wear certain bright colored bags, but FB and VG are so gorgeous. :sad:
  8. hehehe I do love fall. I tend to gravitate toward the darker end of the spectrum as well, but I have a question: then do you buy any bright colored bags? Maybe I just lust after bright ones but know I will ultimately buy the dark ones?
  9. I have mostly dark colored bags, even tho I love the bright colors I just don't think they're "Me" I love bordeaux and black in bbag leather. I do want to get a coin purse in magenta or bubblegum in the spring, tho. I carry a dark bag all year 'round.
  10. Interesting...BTW if you come across a French Blue Day RH in your Quest, let me know!!! All my loves have been mainly for the dark colours like Blueberry, Ink, Anthracite...That was until Vert Gazon came along! I have recently decided to brighten up my rather dark collection by adding Violet (not too bright), Marigold, Bubble Gum & the new SS08 Electric Blue (because of my love for French Blue that has eluded me...) For once I feel very satisfied with my collection and I look forward to a few more bright colours. That's what i love about Bbags!
  11. I don't recall a Day, I recall many Matelesse bags in French Blue, but I will keep that in mind. Electric Blue...I read the SS08 colors but I have yet to see them, the swatches are out? What did you buy in VG may I ask? And I'm all about the Juane...for an accessory, I'm too pansy to buy a full on bag!
  12. I love the bright colours and I just bought my first black bbag, all my other bbags are bright (magenta, rv and turquoise) because my wardrobe is pretty neutral 8 alot of black, white, grey, beige, pink) and the bright bags lighten up my clothes.
  13. I think it's pretty normal, happens to me as well. I will fall in love with something bright and blingy and if I wait to get it, a lot of times the initial attraction isn't there after some time. Having said that I am VERY glad I got FB and VG, I am just so in love with them!
  14. Me, too!!! I love winter clothes the most...those cozy cashmere sweaters, gorgeously tailored jackets, beautiful coats.....:okay: When I wear black/neutral colors, I always carry my dark bags, but when I'm in pastels/bright colors(usually in Marni), I carry my bright colored bags.

    I only have a few bright colors(04 Eggplant Twiggy & WE, 03 Emerald First,04 Pewter Mini Twiggy and 07 Tomato City), but I'm planning to add Electric Blue to my collection when SS08 collection hits:heart:
  15. I think it is normal to gravitate towards the colors of the upcoming season. I am not a fashionista, except for my bags! Every year I tell myself that the clothes are the same every year, they just cycle in and out, and I don't need anything new. Then I see the new items in the magazines and the stores, and I get super excited! I want brights for spring and summer, and classic deeper tones for fall and winter.
    I guess the eager anticipation of change is what keeps life worth living.