Bright shoe dilemma

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  1. Hello all.

    I went shoe shopping yesterday and had planned on buying the Manolo Blahnik Hangisi in champagne.... Except at the last minute I tried on the white and blue flower print one and decided to get that instead. The salespeople and even the other customers who saw both shoes on me (as well as some of the other colors) all agreed it was the better choice.

    The color is stunning!! I went for it even though it's drastically different from what I usually go for.

    The problem? My wardrobe is almost entirely black and I have no idea how to wear these. I originally wanted to on my birthday this month with a LBD...

    How do you ladies wear bright and springy shoes with dark colors?

    I've attached a picture of the Manolos so you know what I'm working with.

  2. Those are gorgeous! I think they would look great with a LBD. I would make the shoes the focus of your outfit. Depending on my mood, I sometimes wear bright or contrasting colour shoes with my neutral outfit.
  3. Holy crap, you have GOT to keep these. They're absolutely stunning and would easily go with black (trousers, dresses, tops, whatever).

    These are one hell of a choice.
  4. Since your wardrobe is mostly neutral, I think colorful shoes like these would go well with it. I love them. I've been thinking about getting the flat version.
  5. Thank you all for helping me out! I was beginning to think that I should have just gone with the easier to match champagne, but these were too stunning to me.

    Thank you! Yes, with these shoes, they would definitely be the focus of the outfit. I don't really own anything else that's bright outside of Hermes scarves. :lol: I think I will try them with the LBD on my birthday.

    Thank you so much! I'm glad that the general consensus thinks it can go with black. They were too stunning to pass up for the champagne. (And I figured I could always go back for the champagne at any time if I reconsidered...)

    Thank you! I definitely recommend getting the flat version! I have only great things to say about Manolos.
  6. I think they would also look stunning with white. If you mix a black skirt or trouser with a white top or blazer those will pop! I can also see them with a pair of denims to dress up the look.
    It looks like the shoes have a little bit of plum or green touches in the flowers, they are so pretty.
  7. Gorgeous, special pair! I can see why you could not pass them up. I can see them pairing easily with pencil skirts, LBD, skinnies, wrap dresses, capris, as long as they are the focal point. [emoji170]
  8. Oh boy. I love these
  9. They will definitely go with any neutral outfit, jeans, white or black dresses, they're stunning!
  10. Those are really stunning. Wearing black with them (or white or both) will look great
  11. Okay, ladies, I have a similar problem. I just purchased the attached JC's. What do you think? I have darker skin, and I wear a lot of dark clothes. I've never owned bubble gum pink pumps before, but I find them strangely fascinating. How do you suggest I wear them? I'll try and take a modeling shot.

    Attached Files:

  12. I have a pair of pink heels and I find them quite good to wear with a LBD, white dress, with a pair of jeans, it's usually the pop of color in my outfit and those are lovely!
  13. What you have sounds perfect. Just make them the focus and keep everything else 'safe'.

    I'd certainly love to see them with narrow navy or black, slightly cropped trous/pants, a neutral tee and navy/blk sharp jacket


    Pencil skirt suit

    Think of them the same way you would a pop of colour on your nails
  14. Great ideas! I tried them on over the weekend with a bunch of different outfits, and surprisingly, they looked really good with a number of things. I have a dark camel-colored dress that they looked fantastic with. A keeper!
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