Bright Satin Flats?

  1. hi!

    i've been dying to get a pair (or two or three) of satin ballet flats, preferably without a bow, in a bright jewel tone--royal blue, emerald, purple.

    nowhere i've searched seems to have them.

    here's a picture of what i'm looking for pretty much:

    has anyone seen any???
  2. Those are cute...I hope someone chimes in with a less expensive version than the Lanvin.
  3. They are cute. Unfortunately, I haven't seen them anywhere!
  4. Steve Madden Pango ballet flats--I know that they had a bright red satin color on
  5. They are cute.
  6. Those are adorable. I haven't seen them in my area though.
  7. I've found cute suede ones in jewel tones, but not in satin.
  8. oh those are very nice!
  9. try jeffrey campbell. i saw one in bright red and dark plum satin.
  10. I love the blue Free People flats!
  11. Prada carries satin flats, but they are in a tomato color satin.