Bright red nail polish?

  1. Hey, Does anyone know the color red nail polish that lindsey lohan and christina agulira have been wearing lately?
  2. I don't...but revlon red is a good bright red
  3. Not sure the exact colour they wear, but I use Chanel in Fire and it looks pretty similar!
  4. try Chanel's shanghai red..=)
  5. Lancome has a very pretty RED color nail polish too
  6. OPIs Red Red Whine is pretty, too.
  7. OPI's Friar Friar Pants on Fire is my favorite bright red polish.
  8. I like OPI's "I'm Not Really a Waitress". It's bright, but not too bright. It's my favorite red.
  9. I love this - use it all the time on my toes!
  10. glad you love that shade..
    you may add these on your list:
    chanel fire
    chanel barcelona red
    chanel ruby slippers
  11. Yip I agree Chanel's Shanghai red is good!

  12. OK, I am going to have to try this!!
  13. If your looking for more of a bright red I use OPI Big apple red.
  14. Oh yeah, that's another one of my favorites. Great color :yes: