Bright Purple Original Cabas?

  1. I had to run to the store really quick today and was looking through magazines and i spotted what looked like a bright purple original cabas on the cover of a magazine! I tried to shuffle through the magazine to find out more info but I was in a hurry. I even forgot the name of the magazine...i think it was elle something?? Has anyone seen the cover or know more about the bag? It was gorgeous!!!!!!
  2. i owned that bag for a short time. it was the original cabas, i had the extra large size and it was made of purple satin.
  3. I think you are talking about the purple satin one~
  4. It's the purple Satin Cabas [​IMG]
  5. awwww.... its beautiful....
  6. ooooh - never saw that - that is cool!
  7. wow that's one AMAZING BAG !!! I would really want one in purple ! Anyone know whether it's come out for retail yet ? If yes, how much is it gonna be?
  8. I still have that Elle Accessories - I love that magazine! Too bad it is only seasonal.

    The purple is gorgeous!
  9. YES! Thats it!! I would also like to know the price on it. Is it sold in stores yet? Haven't seen it until I saw that cover.
  10. wow.never saw that color!
  11. The magazine is for the Fall '06 season so it has already been in stores.

    Inside the magazine under cover details it says:
    Oversize satin bag with gold-metal detail, CHANEL, $1,395, at select Neiman Marcus.
  12. OOOOOh pretty
  13. 1395...not too bad! But it's satin right? I wonder if that gets dirty or rips easily?
  14. It must be sold out everywhere! Anyone know anyone who owns one?
  15. i think i saw one on eBay once...