Bright Pink Snood and Hunting Hat in Sale!!

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  1. Well, I guess they didn't sell as many as they thought they were going to - the Bright Pink Furry Snood and Hunting Hat are in the Mulberry online sale.

    The Hunting Hat is down to £197 (from £386) and the Snood is down to £147 (from £288), anybody getting one?
  2. Ummmm love pink but NO! it's a little toooo pink even for me! :upsidedown:
  3. I'll take two thanks.
  4. oooh yes please- where's my credit card?!!!

  5. I have to say, are they really going to sell at those prices?, I mean they will be lucky to get rid of them even at £10 -could make a good cat bed perhaps.
  6. Great idea. If they go under £10 I might consider it :lol:

    I said, I MIGHT consider it! Actually I think my cat would be scared of it ... she's a smart cat.
  7. nope not for me but i do like the russian hats like that and hats make me look more ugly than normal
  8. I think if it wasn't such a Bright Pink and shaggy fur then I might consider the hat, but it would have to be a lot cheaper than that. But the snood - NO, Definitely not! Not even if Victoria Beckham started wearing them (now THAT I would love to see!).
  9. the barbie pink snood shaould come free of charge with all barbie pink mables lol:yahoo::graucho::rolleyes::woohoo:
  10. I am sure, wearing the hat or snood catches a lot of looks!! But then again, will those be of the kind you want?:nuts:
  11. Just laughed my way through your posts girls! Too funny!

    Ugh, that pink is just atrocious. Maple, I think they would definitely make good cat beds!
  12. ^^ If it were £10 I would consider the snood!!
  13. :sad: Actually I quite like it.

    not :nuts:
  14. God Hula, I thought having that ring on your finger had turned your head for a moment there! Don't scare me like that or I might have to buy you a Snood for your wedding present!!!!!

    Now THERE'S an idea girls - we could all club together and get Hula one to wear for her wedding - what do you think Hula?
  15. If Mulberry paid me £147 I might wear the hat for a few moments. :P