Bright Pink, Magenta color bag it too much color??

  1. What do you think? or do you think it's outdated already? I have a bright magenta pink color leather bag & I am scared to use it...because I don't see people wearing bright color bags....:biggrin: What do you think?
  2. I love Pop color bags esp in Balenciaga. I have a number of bright colors in my collection & 1 of them is in Amethyst w/c is really deep bright fuschia pink & I usually enjoy wearing it w/ any of my solid neutral wardrobe as an accent piece & it's stunning! I even wear it during fall & winter w/ all brack or grey, I most love to wear it during this season, Spring & Summer w/ cute sun dresses, denim cut off shorts w/ white Ts.

    I don't think bright color bags will ever go out of style. It's how you wear them & know whst clothes that would go well w/ them. I think you should just enjoy them & not worry too much.
  3. Wear it with pride! I have two fuschia bags one by Chanel and LV I wear them with pride no matter what season.
  4. I suppose it depends on your personality... I love carrying bright pink bags. Can you take a pic of your bag so we can all see?
  5. Your bag sounds delightful and I love bright bags. It's only in the past few years that I've actually bought brightly-coloured bags. I find they really raise my spirits, regardless of what I'm wearing. The bag I'm carrying just now is a Gerard Darel 24 Heures in Periwinkle Blue. When I was out at the weekend I noticed it looked fantastic in the bright sunshine. But the style can be worn year-round. Maybe you'll love your magenta bag more if you rotate it with a few others. That's what I do, otherwise a bunch of great bags would just sit about unused.
  6. I love bright pieces! With the right outfit they can look amazing. You should rock it!
  7. I love bright colored bags and Magenta is really lovely... but it depends on you, if you feel like the bag is not for you than there you go...
  8. I bought a very bright pink / magenta bag...and honestly almost sold it...then I got it out and wore is now one of my favorite bags....

    If you love it, who cares what is in style...give it a test run, and I bet you will feel like a million buck wearing your beauty!
  9. I've been dying for a 2005 balenciaga magenta for a while now. I love bright pink bags!
  10. Bright pink is great! I think bright colored bags are perfect for summer, so take it out and use it!
  11. I love the bright pinks, blues and purples, on others, but I, personally couldn't wear them. In fact I am lusting for a deep dark purple bag. I just feel the brights should be reserved for the 45 and under crowd. I feel that on people my age, it just doesn't look right. I guess because I have a teenage daughter and admire her youth and want to see her wearing it all! Don't get me wrong, I wear very updated clothes and all, I just like the colors on myself, a little bit more conservative but really admire it on others!
  12. When I was young there weren't many bright colors available in bags. Everyone had black or brown, and ivory for Spring etc. I'm 56 and was so happy when good handbags were being put on the market in colors. Bright colors too! I got to wear bright tie dyed shirts in the 60's, but where were the beautiful colors for handbags? I agree with everyone else. Now that we have it, let's rock it!
  13. Thank you ladies for all of your kind comments. I love the bag; I purchase it almost 1 year ago, but I haven't wear it yet. I take the bag out of the closet & admire the bright color from time to time. LOL I guess I need to have more confident to wear bright color bags. I wear mostly grey & black. I will use the bag this weekend. :smile: I have posted picture of my super bright pink bag...even the hardware is

    imlvholic: My only bright color bag is the Balenciaga amethyst bag too!! but mine is the regular covered hardware. Does your GCH wear well?

    LabelLover81: I've posted pictures of my bright pink bag.

  14. I think it's pretty. I wear a lot of black/white/gray so sometimes I wear a bright bag to add color.
  15. that bag is GORGEOUS!!!! (and i'm not a pink person! but that is BEAUTIFUL!!!)