bright lipsticks, eyeshadows?

  1. In the Feb? issue of Vogue ... lots of bright lipsticks and eyeshadows: orange, blue, turquoise, fuschia, etc. Will anyone try this?
  2. I used to occasionally wear turquoise eye makeup when I was younger, but I feel like I'm too old for it now and I'm not a huge fan of the neon look anyway...

    The only exception is bright pinks, which some people can wear everyday and it looks amazing on them. I'll do a glossy fuschia lip with pale pink cheeks, black liquid liner and black mascara. With my coloring, it doesn't look unusual or crazy at all. But I won't wear pink eye makeup though-- it makes me look like I have a gross eye infection :weird:
  3. No. Bright colors don't work on my skin tone they make me look like a freak!
  4. I wear bright eyeshadow a LOT, even like grocery shopping & stuff. I love it.

    I rarely wear bright lips though because I don't think I can pull it off except for bring pink lips, but I always manage to get it on my teeth so I avoid it LOL
  5. No, I'll pass. Too 1970's for me.
  6. Sometimes people can pull it off..but I think it's more runway.
  7. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
  8. yeessss, I love bright makeup! that's why I got into MAC anyway
  9. Only nudes and naturals for me! But, bright colors are nice....
  10. I don't like how bright colors look on me, but I like them on other people.
  11. well never for work, thats for sure. But i would definitely apply some bright shadow in my crease (just a little) and then keep my brow bone bare and my eyelid bare.

    I would also go very soft and light on the cheeks and lips. since the color is after all...bright.

    also, we better be careful with jewelry. we dont want super bright eye shadow with huge bright earrings and a bright top.

    but then again, some magazine models are really suppose to entertain.

  12. hmm, very intersting you say that. is the person in the avatar you?:lol:
  13. I would do bright turquoise on my eyes, I also like bright violet and green. But I don't do bright lipstick/gloss shades.
  14. I bought mac's parrot for this reason - but need something else to pair it with before I try to wear it out of the house