Bright Green Paddy at Diabro! Crazy!

  1. I wonder if we'll see a lavender in spring... somebody posted a while back about seeing a preview of the new colors.
  2. Ohhh lavender sounds AWESOME! I'm on the fence about the green tho - I guess it could work for spring/summer..
  3. I really like the green, actually. :yes:

    I think it works well with the gold, too. :smile:
  4. I am running scared from the green:lol:!!!
  5. looks like something i can eat lol
    a traditional cake where i come from comes in exactly that color.
    first time i saw that color on chloe paddy was when my friend carried the fake one tho.but this is yummy!
  6. I like the green, though I doubt I'd ever own one.

    It's good to see a variation in colours from all the neutrals they've produced before.

    I've just had a close look at the Argent and I really don't like that! It looks like bleached denim to me, and gold hardware is a mistake with that colour IMO.

    Love the black patent though! :nuts:
  7. I'm not sure about this green. Maybe if it was a little darker. Either army or forest green. I guess I'd have to see it IRL to be sure.
  8. Yuk. I don't like it at all. I agree that it would be nicer if it was darker. Maybe like the patent jade on the bay bag.
  9. It looks..fake..
  10. Why is this in the Chanel forum?
  11. I was wondering the same, pretty color though!!
  12. Haha, my thoughts exactly! :lol:

  13. i was wondering that too! :confused1:

    but i remember seeing it in the chloe forum so I'm assuming it got moved accidently. plus, i dont recognize a few of the members who commented earlier which leads me to believe that it was indeed moved.