Bright colour Mulberrys or traditional??

  1. Hi, I've been looking at the Hanover in Magenta which is like a shocking pink.
    Do you think I should stick to traditional oak, choc etc. I'm worried the bright colours might get dated more quickly??
    Any thoughts??
  2. I'm a sucker for bright colours but when it comes to bags I think it's probably sensible to stick to the classics. I guess it depends how long you want to carry your bags. The fuchsia Hanover is a real statement and that pink tends to be a colour you can wear most years but are you going to get bored of it?
    The only bright colour I buy is red because it never seems to go out of fashion.
    It's a tough one but my sensible side would say go for the choc or oak.
  3. I've had a similar debate, been tempted by the red Bayswater but have decided to stick to classic colours for my bags as I tend to wear bright coloured jackets and coats (got my eye on a purple one for winter), it makes life easier if my bag is neutral.

    I have had a red every day bag before and it did cause clashing problems at times.

    On the otherhand I totally agree with your decision to buy the pink Ledbury for holidays!
  4. personally i'd go for more neutral classic colours. Also re-sale value will be better.
  5. thanks guys, I think I'm narrowing it down to an Oak, maybe Phoebe or Somerset tote. I'd like to see them together, if possible, but this is probably unlikely due to them being different seasons.
    I'm going to the outlets soon, so hoping to see a Phoebe there!!
    I do think the Someset is reasonably priced as well??
  6. a little late...but definitely oak!!!
  7. I have always gone for traditional colours but I love the idea of having a more bright colour except I know I probably wouldn't wear it. I agree that the resale for neutral colours is far better but it reallty is a personal thing. If you think it suits your wardrobe - why not!
  8. If bright colours suit your warderobe and lifestyle - why not? Personally, I tend to use black, brown or oak coloured bags mostly, but I also have bags in dark red and orange to add a splash of colour. It's fun to wear a bag in a bright colour for a change!
  9. Well, i like traditional colors. I have one in Oak. I totally love it, and it goes with alot of the clothes that i wear. So easy to match and last longer in terms of style. That's my comment. Good Luck!
  10. I bought Bayswater in magenta, and I am totally in love with it.

    I know that fuchsia and magenta are currently trendy, but I have always been very fond of such colours. They are really easy to combine with many wardrobe staple colours, e.g. with grey, black and navy.
  11. VVV thanks for that, how is your colour "fairing"?
    Does the colour rub off or mark easily??
  12. Ladies,

    Where are you purchasing your bright colored Mulberrys (magenta, purple, etc.)?
  13. baglover21, I got my Hanover Magenta at the Mulberry Outlet shop in Bath, at 33% discount!!!
    It came today and it's so much nice IRL