Bright colored bags

  1. How is everyone feeling with this trend for spring? I feel that shoes are a better investment for color. Less money than a bag. All the spreads I have seen in the fashion magazines are showing bright shoes with a neutral colored bag. Plus color will not convert easily from season to season. After reviewing the fall shows, I noticed the colors to be very different from spring to fall. Also btw... I just returned home from a two week business trip and grabbed this month's teen vogue. Great mag for shopping ideas. The picture of Kate Bosworth with the Michelle Vale Entrechat Shoulder Bag was in there. Also I came across a celebrity(can't remember who) on pop sugar that attended the recent Gucci event in NYC wearing Michelle Vale. Love her bags to death, can't wait to see her spring line!
  2. Well, I LOVE the color trend, and for ME it will be a bag, and not shoes.
    I have big feet, shoes are hard to find large enough & can be very painful; but a handbag ALWAYS fits!
  3. It's probably me (and my less than vogue-ish wardrobe LOL!), but I think one can carry off whatever one wants, regardless of trends...If I find a pair of bright shoes I adore, I buy. If I find a bag that attracts my eye, I buy. And not all beautiful, colorful bags need to break the bank....

    I guess I don't follow trends very often - I have my own style and sense of what works for me. I believe my clothing, handbags and shoes are classics (ones that I will wear season, after season) - for me!
  4. I am loving the bright bags.
    I am still waiting for the metallic fascination to pass. Silver alligator at Chloe? So many things wrong with that!!
  5. Metallic is till going strong. Everyone has it in there collection for spring and I see lots of it in the fall show pics. More veratile than the bright colors.
  6. I really liked the metallics at first, but now not so much.
    I had a pink metallic Biasia bag that my husband told me made me look like a hooker. I gave it to the charity shop the next day.
    Nothing like honesty from your partner eh?
  7. LOL! Yeah, not so crazy about the colored metallic bags, but I saw a great fall metallic brown color that looked really nice with all the fall colors. Not as flashy, sort of like a pewter, but a little more brown.
  8. I like bright colored bags, but not brigh colored metallic bags..I think they will be around for a while
  9. I love this color trend and my shoes cost as much as some of my bags so its all good.
  10. i d on't like the obviously bright colored bags, but i do like the colored bags! i am looking for a good one right now...thinking tano because they aren't super expensive and if i get sick of the color i won't be guilted into carrying it for too long just because it was wicked expensive!