Bright, bright sunshiney day!! :oDD

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  1. Well actually.. it was a hoorrriibblly overcast, cold, mucky, gross day.. but.. my new bag isn't! yayy!

    My new RH Jaune Day arrived in record time from BalNY (one day with regular shipping!) and it's gorggeeous! I also want to add that the BalNY service was awesome! *thumbs up* hehe..

    This is my first Day bag and i can't wait to start breaking it in. The colour really is beautiful and will be great for fall.. i love the leather! Around the hardware it has this slightly marbled look and it's just beautiful! :drool:

    On with the pics!




    And some modeling pics!:heart:



    Tomorrow i'll take some pics in sunlight! :heart:
    1sammybal.jpg 1jaune2.jpg 1jaune3.jpg 1jaune4.jpg 1jaune.jpg
  2. Gorgeous!!
  3. [​IMG]

    And this is my current collection! I'm waiting on my LE Magenta with GGH:yes:

    Rouge Vif City, Vert D'eau City (my most used.. it's all fading:sad:), Anthracite First, and of course.. Jaune Day!
  4. BEAUTIFUL!! Juane is looking more and more gorgeous! Congrats on the new day!! :heart:
  5. Honey, that bag looks great on you!!
  6. Beautiful! I'm loving Juane more and more.

    What will you wear it with?
  7. Wow, thanks girls! Quick replies! :smile: And a reallllyyy big thank you to Sunny, hehe :heart:
  8. Cheshire- Glad you like it! I wore it with the outfit in the pics today but i really bought this for my main fall bag.. I tried it on with my black trench, black velvet babydoll coat, houndstooth coat.. and it looked fantastic with all of it! Also looked really great with an olive green dress.. GREAT with leather boots! Honestly.. it's looked good with most everything! I wear a lot of black, greens, pinks, and purples and it really compliments all those colours awesome. Looked great with a royal purple silk shift dress too! :yes:
  9. WOW!!!!! I love your Jaune day, it is PERFECT on you, you look soooo adorable with her, too. The color is TDF. Nice collection -- congrats!
  10. Awesome bag, Sammydoll. I love the slouchiness of the Day - it really looks fabulous on you. Seeing your bag is definitely making me reconsider my interest in Jaune.
  11. Sounds fab sammy! So does your wardrobe.
  12. Blue_Hour_Girl- Thank you so much, that's very sweet of you!

    Chuggie- I'm really happy with my purchase! When the swatches came out for this colour this bag was my automatic waitlist and for some reason as time went by i lost interest and was considering *shock* a non-Bbag for my fall purchase.. but as soon as pics started trickling in of Jaune i got sucked back in! It's really a fantastic colour, glad you like it :smile:
  13. Thanks Chesire! I'm a sucker for semi-unusual colour palettes :smile: Congrats on your steal of a Black First, btw!
  14. Wow:drool::drool:

    Is all I have to say!!! It looks amazing on you, congrats!!!!:yahoo:
  15. Beautiful day! Sound like you're set for Fall! I think it would look especially amazing with houndstooth and the royal purple dress! :cutesy: Let us know how you like the day style - I don't have one and was wondering how you like it since it's your first.