bright bags are in!

  1. That's great I am ready.
  2. I love bright bags!! I would wear them regardless, since they make me happy.
  3. Yay!!
  4. i love bright bags and i can't wait for spring!

    I'm thinking of getting a grassy-green bag...still thinking about it;)
  5. YeAy! I bought my green Tano already!
  6. bright bags are really fun and cheerful, and they give pop to an ordinary outfit!
  7. Im working on getting a Morgan Oakley Ditch in Electric Blue or Purple...that should cover me as I have white and green already. Maybe I need yellow and orange?
  8. It's funny how every spring I get excited to get a new bright summer bag, but every fall I get excited to get a new dark-colored winter bag.
  9. I love bright bags, and have quite a few, so I'm really glad they're "in"! I think they add such a wonderful punch of color to an outfit!