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  1. Ok, so I'm thinking of getting a briefcase... but I have no idea what type of options I have? Could you guys suggest some ideas?! Thanks! :smile:

    ps. Preferably Chanel, LV, or something like that.
  2. what type hard or soft, the lv hard ones are just stunning and will make yo ulook so professional but the price is so so so expencive (esp. here in oz) and there may be a waiting list for 3-6 months, the sac plat is my fav thing for a bussines person (male or female) epi is so divine, its like a vertical briefcase, its very thin and will look wrong if you put larger things in it, made to suit mostly documents and smaller item like a water bottle
  3. I think either one would work. Do you know where I could find the LV? Do you have any pics? Thanks! :smile:
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