1. Does Chanel have anything at all that resembles a briefcase or could be used as one ??
  2. I would suggest the Cerf Tote. It comes with the CC lock or Mademoiselle lock, in gold or silver hardware.

    This is kitty nyc's Cerf.


    cerf 1 from kitty nyc.jpg cerf 2 from kitty nyc.jpg
  3. That would work but the bank I am interviewing for is highly conservative ... but it is a good option
  4. I think the Cerf is about as understated and conservative as you can get with Chanel. It would be great for an interview. Good luck!
  5. I wouldn't take something logoed for an interview.
  6. The Cerf Tote is a nice option. I think it's a beautifully elegant bag in an very understated way.

    Good luck!
  7. well i am on the waiting list ... number 12, the cerf isn't going to be available until April!!
  8. Congrats harley! Hope it all works out for you. I think the Cerf is worth waiting for. You'll use it for years to come.

    Which color and hardware did you order?
  9. I'm thinking of getting the Cerf Tote with the ruthenium Mademoiselle lock (not the CC's).....and using that also for an interview. I sure hope it's conservative enough....don't think too many people will recognize it as anything Chanel as it doesn't have the typical CC's. Maybe you could look into getting that version? I was also contemplating the GST or Medallion Tote but those are instantly recognizable as Chanel and I definitely do not want to draw any attention of that kind at an interview (or during the first few months at a new firm, not until I get more settled in).
  10. Bloomie's is only getting the black with gold hardware ... does it come in different colors? Perhaps I should shop around
  11. I'm not positive, but I think if you do a search in this subforum on "Cerf," you can find pics of the bag in black, brown, and camel/beige. I'm not sure which colors are being produced currently. The hardware comes in gold or silver, in the "CC" or the rectangular Mademoiselle lock that says "CHANEL" over it.

    You might want to call a Chanel boutique or the 1-800 number. They might be able to get you a Cerf faster than Bloomingdales.
  12. Saw the Cerf IRL on the street last week in NY, it is an unbelievably classy - looking bag, great for work, but I have to say I agree on trying to fly logo-less thru an interview if possible since you never know what kind of hinky reaction some people have to high-end bags. good luck!