Briefcase question

  1. Question for those of you with the zip-top briefcase with removable shoulder strap: How heavy is it? Thanks in advance. I'm looking at one but want to make sure it won't pull my arm out of the socket.
  2. So glad you asked about this! I bought this in Ebano (see the ref library) for my hubby a couple of weeks before Valentine's day. It is absolutely wonderful. However, people at work teased him about it (idiots, I presume, lol). He felt so bad, but decided it was too girlie. Well, that was fine by me, because I needed a briefcase.

    So, I ordered him a flap envelope style with a handle on top. It has two compartments inside. It does look more masculine, the leather is perforated, and we are both happy. Now, I have the ziptop, and he, his man-bag.

    I have used the ziptop a few times now and it is not heavy for me. The inside is one large compartment. It fits my laptop, all the computer tsotchke, as well as file folders. The removable strap is comfortable. The double handles fit over a coat encased arm.

    Go for it, doreenjoy!
  3. Thanks! I did see your great pix in the Reference thread; that's what made me take a good look at getting one!

    So in terms of weight, would you say less than 2 lbs?