Briefcase ---- HELP

  1. Need your recommendations on one besides a Coach. Any suggestions? I want something updated but still conservative since I am a banker so no flashy dior with a bunch of logos ... really don't know where to look and I don't want a man style ...

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Do they have to be designer? I saw some at Mexx for less than $100, and Danier Leather has a good briefcase selection as well.
  3. no as long as they are professional looking ... I would not feel right carrying a Chanel to an interview..
  4. ^^^Not sure why you feel that way, because I was just about to recommend the Chanel Cerf tote. It's understated and elegant; quite conservative. :yes:

    (This pic borrowed from a tPFer.)
    Kitty NYC's Cerf.jpg
  5. it is an option but should i go for the traditional and do i have to carry a handbag too?
  6. I love this vintage Hermes ($1900):

  7. I like it - is it sold in retail stores?
  8. Hi there, I don't know but I'm in the UK. However, naughty office mate that she is, she did tip me off that there is a website that ships worldwide . . . !
  9. I like this one:
  10. vuitton taiga