Brief VS Work

  1. Does anyone have any pictures of someone carrying a Brief. I'm ready to buy a big bag and am wondering which one is more practical. Thanks for your help!
  2. I think the work is more practical because it is easier to see into and get stuff in and out of. Though, I plan on getting a brief in addition to a work just because I like the look.
  3. The Work is my fave bag
  4. I recently got my first ever WORK bbag and have to say it gets the :tup:

    I doubted the size working on me, fearing it would be this humungus thing that looked stupid on me but actually, I'm pleasantly suprised.

    I've attached 3 shots that I took a couple of days ago so you can see. Its actually a wearable big bag if that makes any sense.

    I too contemplated the brief actually which is also large but the triangle shape to it just put me off. Its too rigid a shape. The work behaves over time like its city counterpart and slouches very quickly too so it loses that 'square TV' shape and looks like a broken in big bag :wlae: I say go for that one, especially since I know what both styles feel like on. Just my .02 !

    Also, I love the wide 'mouth' of the work which looks kinda cool open. I love the oversized zipper (that's if your contemplating a GH though but still, I like the wide opening).
    DSC04041.jpg DSC04046.jpg DSC04066.jpg
  5. just got my first work, and I'm shocked how wearable it is. It's also a GH, which means the handle drop is more generous. I typically don't even zip it, so I can get in fast. I really thought I'd like the brief from the early photos, but in reality, it's too flat and triangular for my taste. (I like the triangular SIDES of the work, though - I wish the brief had side panels like that for depth).
  6. My vote still work style....and it really can stuff lots of things since i'm not a brief fan....if not, u can check out "incoralblue's anatomy of a work", he has made a great comparison and illustrations abt work, gd info!
  7. I recently bought a brief and love it, but I would vote for the work as a more practical bag. i think it's definitely easier to get in and out of the work.

    i'll try to upload some pics of me wearing my brief for you when i get home tonight.
  8. Hmmm...all this talk about the Work is making me want one again... Definitely something to look into this season! :yes:
  9. The Work is SUPER practical :tup: I only got the Brief because I wanted to explore other shapes, I really don't use it as much as I do my Part Times and Works.
  10. Here's Nikki Hilton carrying a brief ... super slouchy, too!

  11. I personally prefer the look and style of the Work!:yes:
  12. I also agree that I prefer the shape of the work, though I don't have one yet, it is high on my list though!