Brief versus Day - a couple of questions please

  1. I am trying to decide between a Day hobo or a Brief style. Had the city and the twiggy and neither worked exceptionally for me. I was sure I wanted a Day style, but the Brief looks really fabulous to me too. Does anyone have thoughts about these two styles? The brief has the narrower opening - anyone have trouble with this? Can you still wear the Brief over your shoulder? I like that the Day would be kind of slouchy as I don't carry much stuff - would the Brief be kind of slouchy too? Basically anyone that owns a Brief or has been lucky enough to try and see on in real life - please let me know. I will have to order either bag sight unseen so I know I can count on you guys to help me figure this out. I think they sometimes get tired of my dumb questions at the store in NY! :p Thanks so much in advance and can't wait to hear from you all!
  2. hi there! id on't have both styles, so i can't really help u with this :p
    but it goes back t your comfortability. do u want a shoulder bag, or a sling messenger kind?
  3. I own the Day style and I tried on the Brief. The Day is the most comfortable/convenient style, hands down. I have another Bal hobo, and while they are both great, the Day fits a lot and expands wider than the flat hobo, so I can throw my super heavy camera in there and not worry about it. It first more than the city, too.
    The brief I found really cool-looking but definitely not a shoulder bag. The straps BARELY fit my shoulder - and while they may stretch with time, they will never fit over a winter coat. The opening is kinda narrow but I don't think that would be my main issue... the non-shoulder-portability is kind of a deal-breaker, especially on a roomy bag that lends itself to stuffing.
    And I think the Day just looks so awesome, especially in Black! it seriously rivals the City in classic-Balenciaga for me ;)
    Hope this helps - ask away if there is something I missed :smile:
  4. 2nd all of this. I like the styling on the brief, but there is no way it will fit over my shoulder and that was a deal breaker for me.