Brief Owners, how practical is it?

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  1. I am currently eyeing a Brief, and I'm wondering if it is really a big bag for everyday use for someone who doesn't carry too much in a purse. I am also only 5'1. Also, can it be carried over the shoulders on just hand held.
  2. i love mine, a plomb brief gsh, it's quite flat compared to the work size, making it look smaller IMO, i wear it comfortably over the shoulder, the gsh version is heavier than the rh, about the weight of my pt gsh.

  3. Funny thing, I was just looking at your gorgeous collection and try to figure out the Brief.
  4. i owned a RH brief and currently a GH brief, IMO the brief are practical but it all depends on what is your needs, it's good for people carry a lot on daily basis. i'm 5' and love big bags, brief works for me and i actually using it as diaper bag. some people commended the opening is too small but for me i found the brief opening is the easiest to open ;) JMHO
  5. if you do not carry too much for everyday use, it might be perfect because brief is kind of "flat" IMHO

  6. DYYONG, thank you so much for the being so helpful in finding me those threads. I noticed that you posted in there as well, which one do you prefer? Do they both fit over your shoulders comfortably? That is one of my main concern. Since the bags seems kind of a long shape, is it hard to get your wallet and stuff? Thanks again.
  7. I have both the giant day and giant brief and prefer the brief. It's a cleaner look. I had to put a purse organizer in my day to not only hold the shape on the bottom but also to find stuff inside. It's like a black hole. The brief doesn't need the organizer. It holds it's shape without. I don't carry a lot on a daily basis but prefer larger bags over smaller ones. The brief handles fit on my shoulder comfortably and rarely slip, but the single handle of the day is more comfortable.
  8. i personally prefer brief style, i'm a 5' petite 97lbs, i have no problem with the brief fitting thru my shoulder, and i usually do not layer up during winter months. and i do not have problems reaching wallet or stuff too, i usually put keys and phone on the outer pockets and i have a LV zippy wallet which is long in size so i kind of know it when i touch the shape, so the answer is i do like it, besides of the work, brief is the 2nd bal design i use very often.
    the best best way to find out is if you live nearby any bal retailer store or even better if you have a bal store near you, go to take a look and try it on in person.

  9. I had a plomb sgh brief and I just never got comfortable with it.
  10. I love love brief,hv one in Sanguine and Black. Handles sit perfectly on shoulder and the side looks flat and not bulky,not like PT and Work.It can fits a ton of stuffs.
    I'm 5.4' brief is THE Perfect bag for me. Hope it helps.;)
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    You have a sanguine brief? Is it RH or GH? (I'm surprised because I thought the brief was discontinued in 09.)

    I love the brief, great size, easy to carry (handheld and on shoulder), great style. I love the shape and the way it's so flat, it sits nicely under the arm when carried on the shoulder.
  12. I LOVE the Brief!! I find it to be super comfortable on the shoulder and sits so nicely under the arm, as drati mentioned^^.
  13. The GH brief will be discontinued in spring 10. I think the RH brief was done in 09. But I have neither seen or heard of a giant brief in sanguine which is an 09 color. Maybe she is confusing the brief with the midday?