brief..opinions please

  1. hello all,

    Im considering buying a dark blue (marine?) brief. What do you all think of the brief? Could you please post pics of your briefs. My main concern is that even though the bag seems a good size the opening doesnt seem that big, like I would be limited with the things Id be able to get in it.
    Id love to hear all of your opinions. TIA!
  2. I actually love the Brief style. I own one in Vert Gazon (wanting to buy that Marine from HG but I already have a Blueberry Work)...

    The opening is a bit small, yes. But I've also been spoiled by the super wide opening compartments of my Work bags. It actually fits a lot, you'd be surprised. It's almost like a North-South version of a Work bag.

  3. I do like it - think its a really different style for Bal. I had it in cafe and didnt find the opening too small at all. I have my city in marine and its a great colour so I think it would be nice in that colour
  4. i personally love the brief size and style!
    if you were considering other colors, i'd also recommend the GH one in's divine!!
  5. It's a great bag. I just got mine 2 days ago and tried packing it up last night. It fits a lot, but the opening does seem small at first if you are used to carrying a city, PT or work. It's probably not a big deal though - I bet you'd get used to it. Everything I carry is long and skinny and can stand up sideways (wallet, diaper/wipes case, cosmetics bag etc), so it wasn't a problem. Here it is - my GH anthracite brief!!!



    I have been posting these pics everywhere since I got it (including in the GH thread and the Anthraclub threads), so I apologize if it's overkill! I'm just too excited, LOL!
  6. thanks everyone for the replies. The positive feedback is really reassuring. :yes: Especially seeing lightblues marine brief.
    luvmygirls nothing that gorgeous could ever be overkill!
    incoralblue I looove your collection! I could look at it forever
  7. Another thing..Im really torn between GH and regular. Decisions decisions!
  8. Thanks, noon!

    For your next question...Brief really looks lovely with GH...especially with Marine. I've seen this combo in person and it's quite yummy! :yahoo:
  9. I have a Natural GH Brief and it's delicious! The opening is smaller than the Work's but it fits just about as much. I put my 8x11" files from work in my Brief with room to spare.

    I *really* believe the Brief reaches its full potential when there is GH. Reason being that it's a large bag with a biiiig expanse of leather. The GH really helps to fill up the space in a stylish way!
  10. I think of all the handbags the brief looks best with GH. It is sooooo pretty!!:drool:
  11. The Briefs do look good, but the opening at the top wasn't good for me.
  12. Although the brief looks good but i'm not a fan of brief style....i guess really depends whether u like this style or not.....but marine color is fabulous as i have a money wallet in that color...heheheh
  13. Do any of y'all w/Briefs carry it with the handles on your shoulder, or that not really comfortable?
  14. I carry it on my shoulder -- the handles are definitely longer than those on the Work, City, etc. They fit nicely over my shoulder brand new out of the box (no stretching required). I don't have twig-arms but I don't have thick ones either...I'm somewhere in between. :smile: