Brief lovers need input

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  1. Hey all,

    I am looking at a GSH Brief and am wondering if that is a good move. I will be hauling tons of two year old gear around so it seems like a good size. I have a few Days but need more space. Also does it fit well over the shoulder?? I am 5'6" and do not want to be taken over:smile: Wondering what some of you think. Thanks!!!!
  2. Go for it, I think it's my favorite Bal? Great arm and shoulder bag, to me that huge!
  3. I have a Ruby GSH brief and its pretty big and kinda lies flat, especially when its not broken-in and empty...I am about 5'4" and it looks large on me, but I usually don't carry a TON in mine and it's not broken in. It fits on my shoulder but the handles slip off; they might fit better once it's broke in more and the handles stretch. I attached a photo of Nicky Hilton and her broken in Brief, hope it helps!! :smile:

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  4. Here is the one I am looking at from wonderful Corey.

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  5. I have the giant brief in VT and it's a fantastic bag and color! I do think the Day would be a better fit on the shoulder if you're using it with children. The brief handles don't always stay put and that might annoy you.
  6. roey-Too funny, I have been admiring yours from the Show us your Brief thread. That is what lead me to seriously look at the one on Corey's site :biggrin: Thanks for your input. Another question, is it so deep that things tend to hide when you are looking for them? I have everything in CP's so I know what is in what according to the color of the CP.

  7. Thanks that is a great help. Perhaps it is time to break your Ruby in :blush: Would you happen to have photos of yours. I bet it is beautiful

  8. Thanks! Do you have a mod pic of yours???
  9. I put a "Purse on the Go" on the inside (look on ebay) which gives the bag shape and ease of management when it comes to it's contents? I also hung it on a thick plastic hook to stretch the handles out and that process did not take very long. It stays on my shoulder nicely. Here's a pic with it on my arm.

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  10. Wow Susieserb your brief is gorgeous on you! Crazyinlv, thanks for starting this thread...I'm trying to decide between a brief and a work for my next bal, so I'm following your thread closely!
  11. The leather on Vert Thyme is amazing! It's the best out of all my bags - (even my new Galet!) very thick, plush, wonderfully distressed with a gloss shine.

    And no, the Brief is definitely not a black hole like the Day! I had to put a purse organizer in my Day bag (since sold) in order to keep the shape and find things inside but with the Brief, not only does the shape hold but nothing gets hidden. I don't carry a lot of small items though so if you do you may need those CP's!
  12. It's easy to find things in the brief as it's flatter than the day so things stay put better. Also the outside and inside pockets are very deep so easy to keep your smaller things stashed away in them.

    I love my brief (RH). I'd say go for it. It's less casual than the day and I find it easy to carry. Although it probably won't fit over a bulky coat/jacket if you want to carry it on the shoulder.
  13. I loved brief,own 2 at this moment(may have more later)
    Great for work or travel,able to fit a small laptop and tons of things.
    The VT brief from Corey looks very yummy!Great find!!!
  14. susieserb,
    What a cute picture of you. You look smashing in your smile, jacket, scarf and the brief looks wonderful. That is a happy Bal picture!!
  15. Seriously I'm easy to please, give me a chance to wear my "stuff" and a McD's coffee and I'm sayin life is good!!:graucho: