Brief in Natural (RH)?

  1. Hello everyone,

    I was @ Neiman's in SF over the weekend and fell deeply and passionately in LOVE :love: with the brief. They had it in white (RH).

    My only dilemna is that I'm torn between the natural or white and RH and maybe GH. Giant is sooo gorgeous, but I'm concerned if I'll get tired of the gold and it is weightier.

    Could someone please post pic of a natural brief in RH so I could have a visual comparison?

    Thanks! Priscilla
  2. I don't have a picture but I did see a beautiful Natural brief w/ RH at Nordies, call my SA Sarah Hinkle at 916-646-2400 and she could email you the one she has..I was looking at it on Monday night..
  3. Thank you Sagranch, I will give her a call tomorrow! What did you think of it? Compared to the white? I know it's a personal preference, but I'd love to hear your opinion. I love them both, but budget only allows one.
  4. IMHO go for the natural the colour is amazing in real ! :drool: doesnt matter if its rh or gh ( even though i usually dont like gh at all ) , natural simply rocks! :graucho:

  5. I just got home from Nordies and I actually checked it out again..the leather seems REALLY nice and thick, so gorgeous. The brief w/ RH in Natural is an awesome combo. Tell Sarah that Alison sent ya!!
  6. Alison, just called, but Sarah is off today. The girl there wasn't too helpful, just seemed like she was distracted and wanted me off the phone. I'd rather work with your SA anyways. I'll try again tomorrow. I'm going to be at the SF Neiman's today and will check out their inventory again. Thanks!
  7. I would wait for Sarah too, the rest of the SA's in that dept. are rather rude. IMHO.
  8. MBL..I know, Sarah is so sweet and PATIENT..OMG I have had about 15 exchanges this last month!! There are about 2 other sweet SA's too but Sarah really knows her stuff:smile::smile:
  9. Hi there, I just PM'd you that if you want to give me your name I would be happy to email Sarah and have her put it on hold so she can take pics and get them over to you:smile::smile: