Brief Fans

  1. any of you out there love the brief?
    post pics of (or you with) your briefs!! :nuts:
  2. Sorry I don't have any pics of my natural GH brief handy, but I love mine! Particularly the leather on's amazingly smooth, thick, and silky soft! The style is large and I'm still getting used to it (it's been almost 2 months), but I think the GH makes it look even more special. I think the shape is very cool....sleek and elegant!
  3. I do love the style very much. I had one but the leather wasn't to my taste so I sold her. I would however buy another one if the leather was right
  4. Here is a pic of my Truffle Giant Brief :smile:
    Brief 009.JPG
  5. Ooo, the truffle with GH is gorgeous!
  6. the brief with GH is my favorite. :tup: it's so versatile. i've used it for nights out and during the day too.

    here's mine (naturel):

    Foto0030.jpg Foto0031.jpg Foto0039.jpg
  8. Here is my cobalt brief
    bbags 001.jpg
  9. anthracite GH brief

  10. Cameron Diaz with her White Brief. I love her style.:tup:
  11. woohoo!! love all your briefs, ladies! :supacool:
  12. I, too, love the brief. Especially in natural!
  13. These pics make me miss my Giant Natural Brief :sad:

  14. Such lovely Briefs ladies!!!
  15. My Grass Green of my faves but also my least used bag...