'Brief Encounter' at the airport today

  1. So I'm waiting for my flight to Nice today and this tall elegant lady plus her DH queue up in front of me and I got an eyeful of her bag - a gorgeous etoupe JPG Birkin, open and full of stuff. I could see the Hermes mark and through my knowledge gained at this wonderful forum, I knew it was the real deal, I could tell from the stitching. She looked friendly so when we made eye contact I said 'what a gorgeous bag!' Her DH was very pleased - it was a present chosen by him and we all had a few moments of intense Hermes chitchat. It turns out we share the same store and SAs. I wish I had my Kelly with me but I showed her my Massai (tucked away inside my pliage) You don't see ANY H bags where I live so we were both pleased to recognise fellow members of the Hermes appreciation society, she was wearing an Hermes scarf as well, I didn't recognise the pattern, might have caught a glimpse of mosaic pattern but I recognised the hand-stitched hems. She has never heard of tPF!!!! so I hope to have recruited a new member for tPF if she or her DH can remember the name of this website, lol, by the time they get back to the UK. Just thought I'd share this story, it was like meeting a tPFer IRL, and she looked so classy, I was so happy to share a brief encounter and she was very pleased I'm sure (I hope, lol) to have her bag admired.
  2. What a fun story AAN--oooh, an Etoupe JPG--that must have been gorgeous!
  3. It WAS lovely and I liked that she was using it so casually, all open and with stuff propped out of it as a carry-on flight bag. I wish I could have spotted where she was sitting, I bet she happily pushed it under the seat in front. It's big too, 42 cm I seem to remember, yet it looked a great size, makes me fret about my decision to go for a 30 cm Birkin rather than a 35 cm, I can see I will have to have both eventually, lol. She was tall though; the proportions of it looked so great on her.
  4. Nice story, allaboutnice. I love running into Hermes bags when I travel. I saw my first JPG Birkin, in Orange PHW, at luggage pickup at Heathrow a couple of years ago. And then just a couple of days later got to play with a Black JPG Birkin PHW. I'll never tire of Hermes spottings!

  5. LOL, this was in Liverpool, you can be sure they are as rare as hen's teeth here. I find myself automatically looking at women's bags in the hope of spotting an Hermes, this was the first time!
  6. what fun.
    and i am certain she loved sharing this moment with you. who doesn't enjoy a compliment on something you care about, kwim.
  7. that was a cute story! haven't seen etoupe in JPG, I bet it was lovely!
  8. Hiheels, true! the only compliments I get about my Hermes is from you lovely lot here, where I live it all goes completely under the radar.

    patz, it was lovely - etoupe is a great neutral, makes me wonder what colour my Massai is, alsways thought it was etoupe but it is much much paler than this lady's bag. I think her leather was togo or possibly clemence. I am now wondering if my Massai might be fjord, it's so heavy, thick and matte.
  9. What a delightful story. You obviously made that woman and her DH very happy to recognize her bag.
  10. Such lovely tale! It's always nice to run into someone who shares your likes. I'm too always on the lookout for Hermes-toting ladies.. not much luck yet LOL, but I do compliment when I recognise other high-end designer bags that I like, mainly because I love being complimented as well hehe.
  11. well you never know. my eyes nearly fell out of my head the other day when i saw a woman in my neighborhood carrying... A MASSAI! we weren't in a position to exchange looks or i would have said something, but you better believe i recognized it. i was smiling for an hour afterwards - it's a rare sighting.

    and you did even better, you made her AND her dh's day. heck, i feel a little happy just hearing about it. lol
  12. What a great story! Hope this lady eventually becomes a tPFer too! Her etoupe JPG shoulder birkin must be gorgeous. Have not seen one IRL, only in a picture.
  13. Such great story! It's nice to hear that she was friendly and how great is that you share the store and SAs!:nuts: What are the odds!!! I too hope she becomes a member!
  14. Thanks for that story, allaboutnice! It's so great that you actually took the step of speaking with her. I'm sure she was chuffed that you admired her bag. What a great ambassador of TPF you are!
  15. Great story!