"Brief" Disappointment (and a new Money)

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  1. So many of you have followed my on-again-off-again romance with the Brief. I finally took the plunge and bought one because I adore the shape and I got a great deal on this one.

    It came this morning: the leather is fantastic and I really love the bag in real life, but I'm afraid it's too big for me. I'm 4'11" and 88 pounds and I just feel like the bag is a bit overwhelming - like if I used it as an everyday bag (which is what I wanted it for) I'd look like Nicole Richie when she carries her Weekender (although, thankfully, with a healthier body). I've been parading around in front of mirrors all day - taking little breaks from all my fun final papers that I took the day off to write - and sometimes I think it looks fine and sometimes it looks like it's huge. Please forgive my lazy-day final-paper-writing clothes. :P

    I took a bad picture, but it's enough to give you an idea of the size on me. What do you think? I'm not planning to sell it, so don't anybody freak out that I'm breaking rules - I'm just disappointed that it will only work as a carry-on or overnight bag. Please let me know what you think!

    PS - My new black Money (which I love!) is making a little cameo appearence too!




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  2. It's a big bag....but I actually kinda like how you're working it. Is it new or broken in? ie will it slouch more?

    They should make a mini brief, but really, I think it looks cool. I have been holding off getting one beause I'm 5'2, but the more I see you with it, the more I want one lol.
  3. i'm 5'3" and wish they would make a minibrief too. You still rock that bag tho! What color is it? It looks like anthra in the first pic but black in the second.
  4. Love the money!!!
  5. love the money and the brief too.
    IMHO - the brief looks a little too big for everyday, but it is so gorgeous!! great leather too :yes:
  6. I love it Cheshire. I think you pull it off beautifully. I'm a big fan of the brief. It's the biggest bag I own too, but I've grown used to the size and I adore it.
  7. Thanks for all the opinions so far... You're making me feel better about it.

    The Brief and Money are both black, and they're both new. I think the Brief was carried twice, so it should get a little slouchier.
  8. The brief does look a little big, but I think there are plenty of places you could take it where a big bag isn't an odd choice (like shopping, for instance). I think you will be able to use it enough that you won't think of it as a bad purchase.

    Regardless of its size, it does look good on you!
  9. Cheshire, love it on ya! You totally rock the Brief! I bought the Black earlier this year and returned it for another Work bag but now I really miss it!

    And double yay :yahoo::yahoo:for your MONEY.
  10. Cheshire, I think you look great with that bag. It's beautiful on you! :tup:
  11. i honestly think it looks great on u! And that u would be able to pull it off easily as an everyday carryall!
  12. it definitely isn't too big on you!

    looks perfect!
  13. I guess I'm going to go against the consensus and say that it does look big to my eyes. It's looks a wee bit overwhelming for your frame. But the bag and leather itself is gorgeous! And the money....wow. So pretty.

    When it comes down to it though, if you love it then who cares what anyone else thinks?
  14. it looks super big, but def not a BAD thing
  15. It's big, but it actually looks good on you! When i read you your stats i thought it would dwarf you but it's not that bad at all :smile: However, if huge bags aren't your thing and it's going to make you uncomforable, then you should take it back. You need to be comforable most of all.