Brief Dilemma - Black or Cafe?

  1. I've decided the Brief is going to be my next B-bag. I also figured it should be my first black one. But after seeing all those cafe Briefs on the forum, I'm torn.

    What I need: a bigger work-appropriate bag that will hold my Macbook on occasion
    a bag I can carry with a suit when needed
    a bag that can be carried over the shoulder

    B-bags I currently own: City: 07 Plomb, 07 Mogano, 07 Pine
    Day: 05 Turqoise, 05 Bordeaux
    Twiggy: 05 Caramel
    First: 07 Tomato

    I also tend to wear a lot of black.

    So, knowing this, should I stick to black or go with Cafe? Is the Cafe too dark that it looks weird when worn with black? Or is it too close to Mogano that owning both seems kind of redundant?

    All opinions are highly appreciated. Thank you!
  2. I love the look of brown worn with black, so I dont think Cafe would look bad, nor do I think it's too dark. However, between the two I prefer black :yes: I'm probably biased though as I'm not partial to brown bbags.
  3. black......

    no cafe......

    no black with ggh! rh cafe!.....

    get both! they are so pretty!
  4. LOL too funny

    Seriously I vote black (although the cafe is so pretty)
  5. I vote for RH BLACK Brief.

    I used to have one - black is very versatile.

  6. Thanks! May I ask why you gave it up?
  7. I have the Cafe brief!!! Love it to death, been carrying it nonstop since i got it!! It goes with everything!!!
  8. I am prone to buying and then selling my bags to fund other things.

    This time it was for an overseas trip - but I will be buying another Brief when the time comes around for more bal :yes:
  9. Thanks for sharing! I'm glad to know it wasn't because you were unhappy with the bag:smile:
  10. I'm partial to black!!!! Truly a classic and versatile choice.
  11. I vote for the cafe. I wear a lot of black too, but I just have a weakness for brown bags.
  12. Ladies, thanks for all your opinions but I am now more confused than ever!!!

    I have other black bags, none are Balenciaga, and I would like to get a black at some point.
    On the other hand, my favorite browns are B-bags. Do you think the Cinnamon City, Bordeaux Day and Cafe Brief would pretty much be the "same" bags? I think I hear the Cafe calling my name:s

    I'd get both but I am being strict with myself this year.
  13. me, you'll love the CAFE, its the most beautiful, chic and edge color, a great neutral to go with anything! The brief looks AWESOME in cafe!!
    If you want a black bbag, how about a black city or first later, since its more classic.
  14. I have to admit yesterday I was looking at Balenciaga bags and the bags in the Mograno/Cafe section was gorgeous and felt much more interesting to look at than in the Black section.

    I would never have picked Mograno or Cafe as a colour in a million years but after seeing them in person :love:

    So my vote is definitely for Cafe
  15. i guess that's the problem - all the Bal colors are so great that I always end up picking a "color" over black:smile: