Brief, Bowling, Purse or Work?

  1. My SO has given me the vibe that he will be buying me a new Balenciaga bag...

    I am considering the following styles:

    Brief, Bowling, Purse or Work.

    I currently have a Navy Twiggy, Rouge Vif City and Blue India Coin Purse

    Any suggestions for style and colour?

    I'm really loving the Brief, and like the Purse style too. The Work is simaliar to the City style, so I would have no problems with the Work and I'm a little iffy on the Bowling...

    What do you guys/ gals think?

  2. My vote's for the Work, followed by the Bowling :yes:

    Will need more info for suggesting a colour - are you looking for something neutral? Or something that pops, as with ya other bags? GH or RH? And then I think some colours look better in certain styles versus others.

    So many decisions, but congrats on that vibe! :yahoo:
  3. work
  4. I'm for the Purse! It's so feminine and classy!:yes:
  5. I haven't seen any of those in person but I would say from pictures that the purse is a cute syle IMO. Wish my DH would buy me a bbag.
  6. Good question...

    My other colours are quite vibrant, so perhaps I can go for something neutral.

    It wont be in GH whatever I get...

    My BF has commented on a Natural Bowling that I showed him.

    I'm not TOO crazy on the Bowling style, but willing to give it a go!

    And if thats what he wants to get me, well, I am open to it!
  7. I'm also really worried about getting a lighter coloured bag...

    BUT, beggers cant be choosers, and I will TRY to be careful with her if I get a lighter colour...
  8. My vote is for the Work, followed by the mini Bowling.........have you considered the mini? It's actually not that small and I think it would be adorable in Vert Gazon. What are your fav colors right now?
  9. Seriously, I have nooooo idea...!

    I'm leaning toward a neutral colour as I dont have any as yet, and my BF loves 'Natural' for some reason...
  10. Naturel is a beautiful color -- and the leather on them is TDF. Stay open minded! It's a gift, so it's a great opportunity to try something new. Congrats!

    The Greige Bowlings and Mini Bs are really nice, too, and if he likes Naturel, he'll probably like Greige.
  11. I have a Purse but I also want a Mini Bowling and a Work so I say any of those are a GREAT choice. I have a Greige First and I love that neutral. Natural is a pretty color and you might want to look at Sandstone since it is a little darker but still light. Make sure and post pics. I can't wait to see what you get! CONGRATS!:yahoo:
  12. If you're leaning towards a neutral.......what about a white mini bowling? I love the natural color but I think it goes well with GH and you're not a GH girl......I'm not either but I might try a flat clutch. Anthracite in the Work style is a neutral and you don't have a black bag, so that might be a good alternative. BalNY just got them in. I'll keep thinking.......
  13. Also, there's an Ink Work up on eBay right now that is beautiful and neutral. Like the others said. Greige is gorgeous. Maybe a mini bowling in greige.
  14. I vote for Sandstone (Agrile) in any style you feel comfortable you'll risk trying... its neutral !
  15. bowling!!:yes: