Bridgit Metallic Leather IRL

  1. When I was at the Boutique yesterday returning "my" Carly, one of the SA's says "I've got to show you something." I knew this meant trouble!! She brought out the Bridgit. I tried it on and she let me take a pic with my phone. I didn't order it!! I can't buy another boutique bag until PCE!:nuts::lol:
    Coach Wishlist.JPG
  2. OMG.

    TDF!! :drool: I'm in LOVE with this bag now. LOL
  3. That bag is soooo gorgeous, especially in that color. If it were bigger (but not HUGE like some of the bags!) I would have ordered it in black already!!!
  4. Yeah...I was so surprised at how it sparkled! The pictures in the catalog don't do it justice. And, the length and size is perfect!:love:
  5. It's the perfect size on you! It looks great.
  6. It's a beauty! I can't wait to see it IRL!
  7. Yeah I kinda wanted that bag before, now I definitely do :drool:
  8. wow...admat97, you are so right. The picture in the catolog does not do it justice! That bag is gorgeous! It looks great on you too. Its very eye catching! :yes::drool:
  9. I'm loving my walnut bridgit. It is the perfect size and the strap length is perfect. I can get in/out of the bag with it on my shoulder just by lifting the flap. I am so glad I got this bag!
  10. Wow I really like that in the metallic! I think it only looks good in black and this shade. On the other colors, I dunno, the left and right side of it look so naked I guess. Too much empty space, it makes me unhappy!
  11. How much is this?
  12. That bag is gorgeous, and I normally don't like bags of that style.
  13. !!!

    WHY did you post this?! Haha, it's so beautiful.
    You've led me to another bag I MUST HAVE. I love the metallic and all the hardware.
  14. Soooo purty!
  15. That's very pretty. I love the color and it looks great on you.