Bridgit clutch

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  1. Can anyone who owns a Bridgit tell me just how much stuff you can put in it please. I only carry my bleecker wallet, cell phone, 3x5 planner, brush and keys, a small note pad, would they fit ? Also I love the look of the bag but am somewhat concerned about the leather wrapped around the chain strap. Is it tightly secured on the chain ? I'm concerned it might come loose from the chain and then unravel ( I know I'm a worry wart)....I've had my eye on one for a while but have not seen one in person. Is it really small ?
  2. You might be able to put it all in but it would be snug. I carry French wallet, cell, sun and reading glasses, keys, lipsticks and there is room for more. If your wallet is a long one it would be snug along with your planner.

    I don't use mine everyday, but the leather laced through the chaine does appear to be snug and secured well at the end. It is a sweet bag to have.

    There are threads with pics of Bridgits filled. Try a search.
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    Thanks :smile: I'll try the search, my bleecker wallet is not a long one but its a bit thick
    >>>oh heck just did my search and saw the purple bags on another thread, bummer the new Bridgit is garcia leather...this means I won't be buying it. It tends to get sloppy looking. The old Bridgit with the better leather was a better bag imho.
  4. I don't like small bags, but I own all 9 Bridgits!! This is a GREAT bag!!! It does fit a LOT more than you might think.

    I do need to make a comment regarding the old vintage vachetta leather vs garcia. Everyone knows I'm really NOT a fan of garcia (which is a shame because I really love the new Legacy styles). far as the Bridgit goes, some of the older bags are a bit tighter because the leather is thicker and stiff. I just carried my new amethyst Bridgit the other day, and I was actually able to stuff MORE in the bag because the leather is more flexible. I got my full size amethyst Legacy wallet, Chocolate cell phone, iPod Touch, cosmetic pouch (thin size) reasonably packed with a few more things than a normal Bridgit, keys, pill bottle for Excedrin, earbuds, xtra cell battery, flash drive, tiny hair brush, and papers/coupons. It did not look bad, and there was no slouchy/sloppy look because it was full. In the old style Bridgit, it would have been very tight to get the large size wallet in it (the new Legacy wallet is thicker than the old one), especially some of them because some bags are a bit tighter than others I've noticed. You can see from my link below I've posted a photo showing the stuff I got in the old style bag (page 3 of the thread, I think). Keep in mind a tiny bit more will fit in a garcia leather bag than the walnut one!

    Not that I'm a fan of garcia leather...I'm NOT, and I stopped at the new satchel and will only buy any further Bridgits that come out in this line. Otherwise, I don't think the leather is worth it...just looks a bit like pleather and the bags puddle/sag/buckle way too much, which is not my thing at all.
  5. Oh, as far as your question about the woven leather chain link strap goes, you're not odd. I have often worried over the same thing, but so far I've not see any problems. I think as long as it doesn't snap, it's an easy repair if that were to happen. However, IMO, the leather seems flexible and thick enough such that I don't feel there's any stress on it because the metal chain links carry the stress as long as you don't overtwist the chain. There's really no reason to, though, as the strap sits there nicely on the shoulder. Overall I think it's made very well and strong, but one of the first things I always do is check it out when I first get the bag. I've noticed that sometimes the leather is woven more tightly than others, but leather does give and stretch a bit, so I think it will be fine. It seems to be stitched well at the ends.