Bridgit, Bridgit, Bridgit get out of my head!

  1. Tell me this is an impractical purchase???? Talk me out it!!!!! Ugh! Mokoni, I can't wait to see your pictures, I need something to stick out at me that I don't need it!

    Thanks for listening to me rant!:cursing:
  2. As cute as Bridget is rather expensive for a smaller bag. Would you get a lot of use out of it? Also someone on TPFer said it was heavy. I think I'd rather throw in another 50 bucks and get the new Bleecker large flap in Buckskin..... :graucho: Now thats a practical bag!!!:tup:

    ok.....thats was my best shot at talking you out of the Bridget! It is a beautiful bag....whoops! Maybe I shouldn't have said that.... LOL :shame:
  3. i cant find that bag.. anyone have a picture and price on it?
  4. Its a new Legacy bag coming out in February. Its priced at $400 or $498 for the metallic leather. The measurements are 11x6x2. It has similar hardware like the Lily. If you do a search someone just ordered it and posted pics.
  5. Yes, it is impractical and a bit on the spendy side for a small bag. I've talked myself out of it! LOL! The chain strap is adorable yet I just can't see it working with my lifestyle. And I have small bags that can accomplish for me what the Bridgit would. I could buy a full size bag for this price, one that would be more practical for my lifestyle. Is that helping you at all? It's so hard to be in lust with a bag that 1) costs too much and 2) is more frivolous than it is practical!
  6. yes, that did help, thanks!
  7. ^^ I cannot believe I actually DIS-enabled someone!! That's never been done! Wow! Shall I enable you with another bag??? Heritage, Ergo, Legacy?? EEK! I'm not feeling well, I better lie down or better yet, go purchase something! Quick! :wtf: :p
  8. I got my Bridgit on New Years Eve. It IS very heavy, but the chain strap is removable. There's this guy on eBay that sells extra straps for Coach bags (the straps aren't Coach though, but the leather and hardware are supposed to match), so I'm thinking of ordering a leather strap for Bridgit. Otherwise, the bag is the perfect size for me! It holds all my stuff (compact Franklin planner, big set of house/car keys, office keys, SO keys, 2 lipsticks, small mirror, wallet, sunglasses), and stands up on it's own. I like my bags to stand and not lay there, and this one does since it's 2 zippered compartments put together. I don't think it's that pricey compared to the other bags, but if you're typically a big bag person, this really isn't the bag for you. I like my bags about medium sized and this fits the bill!

    My only complaint is the vintage leather. I wanted a work bag, and the vintage makes it look too casual. It got the black bag. I'm wondering if I should have gone metallic, but I've read reviews on tPF that the metallic isn't very durable. This is actually why I returned the Leigh too. I am thinking of getting the Leigh in signature, but am waiting for it to show up in the outlets first!
  9. Sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel all :throwup:. I've actually found a totally different bag to lust over, thanks for helping me decide though.

  11. Which one? Enabling minds want to know...:yes:
  12. Yeh which one are you dreaming of now?!
  13. I love this bag as well, but will not be getting it as it is too small for me, and I know when I try to smoosh all of my stuf into a too small bag, its never pretty. Too bad, though - I agree it is gorgeous.
  14. It's not Coach - it's a Rebecca Minkoff.
  15. I am about ready to go out of my mind. My Bridgit has been sitting at the backdoor of my house since 2:00 p.m. and a I am stuck at work!! I'll take photos as soon as I get home and re-enable all of those who have been dis-enabled. :p