Bridget Jones's Hermes Bag/Ex-Boyfriend/Married Friends & Singletons' Dilemma

  1. This is just [ahem!] a hypothetical.

    Say I have a 'friend' - we'll call her Bridget. Bridget's ex-ex-ex-boyfriend, whom we can call Daniel, now a Smug (but not overly Smug) Married, has just personally invited Bridget out of the blue to the book launch party of his latest work. There will be lots of people there, a hodge-podge of banker/IT/lawyer/journalist/novelist Singletons and Smug Marrieds alike. And Daniel's wife - who is a (warily) friendly, fashion-conscious (but conservative) woman. The book launch party will probably take place at some swish venue in town, at night.

    Bridget plans to wear something tastefully form-fitting in classic black. And maybe some black peeptoe Louboutins if the mood strikes. On the night in question, she'll also have a nice arm accessory at her side with broad shoulders and sharp suit and tie.

    But she's having a bag dilemma. Not yet certain what kind of message she plans to send with her bag choice (Bridget thinks ahead, but not that far ahead), she's soliciting your opinions. What should she take and why? The choices are:

    (1) 32 sellier red chevre kelly

    (2) 32 sellier black box kelly with guilloche hw

    (3) 30 black swift birkin PH

    (4) 28 bleu roi croc kelly PH

    (5) 25 ficelle lizard birkin PH

    (6) 25 sellier rose shocking chevre kelly ...

    or something else?


    [Bridget's now off to Bedfordshire, but she'll be forever in your debt for any suggestions you might have!]
  2. please let dear "bridget" know that nothing rox the sox off any fashionista more than CROC. yeah, i am thinking the bleu roi croc kelly would send QUITE a message. :yes:
  3. To me, if Bridget wears the classic, tastefully form-fitting black garment with the black Louboutin peeptoes outfit, she then needs to carry none other than the 32 Sellier Black Box Kelly. The Blue Roi Croc Kelly would be stunning as well.

    Bridget must tell us what she decides!!
  4. put your best foot forward and make the rest of the room green w/ envy. go w/ an exotic. either the ficelle lizard or the blue croc!
  5. I agree... Briget must appear cool, classy and above it all.

    The black box Kelly would be classic, but the Croc would tell the world that she has arrived.
  6. Tell Bridget to bring her croc. Yes let the world know that Bridget has arrived IN STYLE!
    I remember Bridget looking FABULOUS with her bleu roi croc.
  7. Tell "Bridget"--blue croc, hands down!
  8. Tell Bridget to write in her diary- CROC!
  9. Hmmmm - well if I were Bridget I'd seriously consider a black lizard Kelly pochette with RH :graucho:

    Discreet, fabulous, exotic and soooo desirable.
  10. Gina love your posts! I'm so glad I just watched Bridget Jones Diary- it all makes sense! :lol: Tell B to wear the lovely bleu roi!
  11. Bleu roi croc :yahoo:
  12. Bridget,.. oh Bridget. Why so much rouge on your face?

    You know damn well you want to show all those smugs that it's all about YOU that night. You'll have every woman in there envious of you! Wear that bleu roi croc kelly and rub it in everyones face.

    "Suck on dat!" <~ Oh wait, no, that was "Mean Girls" :p
  13. Nothing speaks louder than the subtle, chic, sophisticated and classy Black Box Kelly.

  14. My suggestion to Bridget is to bring the croc. I think the blue roi color would bring a nice contrast to the classic black! :yes:
  15. Bleu Roi Croc!