Books & Music Bridget Jones's Diary 3 book gets UK autumn release date


Aug 30, 2006
New Jersey
Bridget Jones's Diary 3 book gets UK autumn release date

Agents for author Helen Fielding have confirmed that her third installment of the Bridget Jones's Diary book series will have an autumn release date.

Literary agents, Aitken Alexander Associates, say there is no concrete date as Helen "is still writing the book".

A spokesperson told Newsbeat, they are "under the impression it could be on sale in October of this year".

As yet there is still no title for the third installment of the series.

It's thought the book has been given a US release date for November.

Helen Fielding's books were originally published in The Independent
Speaking to BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour last November, Fielding said: "I'm having a lot of fun and it's very funny and it's making me laugh."

The first book, Bridget Jones's Diary, was published in 1996 and turned into a film starring Hugh Grant, Colin Firth and Renee Zellweger.

The second book, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, was published three years later.

It was also adapted into a romantic comedy movie with much of the same cast as the first film.

Both books sold more than 15 million copies and are published in more than 40 countries around the world.

A further film sequel Bridget Jones's Baby by Working Title Films is due for release at some point this year.

Colin Firth and Hugh Grant are set to return as Mark Darcy and Daniel Cleaver.

Lilly Cooper (formerly Allen) has also written music for Bridget Jones the musical, which was is due to appear on London's West End.

Bridget Jones was born out of a weekly column in The Independent in 1995.

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tPF Bish
Jul 7, 2006
I didn't see the Shopaholic movie. But I loved Bridget Jones.

My favorite scenes were her singing "All By Myself" in her living room, the drunken karaoke at the Christmas party and the filthy poetry session in the rowboats.


Vintage since '08
Mar 23, 2008
^ oh that WAS good! :roflmfao:

I guess I need to re-buy those books again since a new one is coming out.. I sold them, because re-reading them was strange, but now when it has been so long maybe I'll enjoy them again :smile: