Bridget: Amethyst or Platinum

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  1. I have always wanted a bridget, it would be great for nights out or shopping trips (sans kids).

    What color do you think?

    I'm just afraid the platinum will rub off...
  2. LOL I have the platinum bridgit it!! It fits a lot more than you would think. I don't have any issues with the metallic coming off...
  3. I'm in LOVE with the amethyst! I just adore that purple color and how it pops! It's such a fun color and on that bag has so much style.
  4. I have both and like the platinum one better - I also have the black which is made with the orignal Legacy leather which I feel holds up much better than the purple Garcia leather - my purple one already has a light scratch discoloration in one spot - I am not impressed with the Garcia leather. The metallic on the platinum one is not really the flaking type - at least on mine so far.
  5. Platinum by far. I think the garcia leather ruins the Bridgit. The platinum holds up well. I've used my plat. Bridgit a ton, and it still looks great. I'm very pleased!
  6. Thanks, I think I like the platinum better. Now if I could only decide if I want to spend that much for a little bag lol.
  7. I vote platinum, the amethyst you might grow tired of but the Platinum is a timeless color.
  8. It's really not that "little" of a bag. I have both the platinum and the amethyst. I recommend getting both!! lol :graucho:. But if you have to pick one.... I find the platinum is better for me to coordinate with my outfits.
  9. I have a platinum Lily and she has held up great, platinum has not flaked at all! I would get the platinum bridget if I were you, it is a much more versatile color than the amathyst IMO. I also don't care for the garcia leather, I still haven't purchased any of the new legacy pieces with the garcia leather.
  10. Platinum! I have the platinum bridgit and platinum lily, and she holds up great! I wear her often, she goes with everything, and I don'thave any flaking issues at all!
  11. amethyst, I am not a metallic girl though.
  12. ohhhhh i'd be happy with either...but that platinum is a stunner!!!!
  13. I prefer the platinum. To me, the Bridget is a "going out" bag and the platinum is dressier than the amethyst.
  14. Amethyst!
  15. I have a black and amethyst, but I think which ever bag you can get at the best deal would be great. I dont think this bag looks bad in any or the colors! I love my amethyst, its been in my daily rotation since I've gotten it and its still perfect. Im not a metallic person, but if I found a good deal on a platinum, I'd probaby pick one of those up too. However, my first choice was the amethyst.