1. Our cable company does not offer We so I rented this series on Netflix. I kind of relate,although I wasn't one at all. I like expensive elegant affairs-however,I also know that if I expect something to be perfect,there is more of a chance of something going wrong. Anyone watch and enjoy this show?
  2. Yes! It's EXACTLY like My Super Sweet 16! And the sad thing is, she's old enough to know better.

    They act like they're the only ones in the universe getting married.

    My question is, how much of this do the bridesmaids have to take? If more bridesmaids stood up to bridezillas there'd be WAY more women in peach taffeta bridesmaids gowns at the movie theatre on Saturday afternoons!
  3. I just discovered this show and love it

    I'm not married or engaged ---:censor: but I love it.
    some of those women are so horrible its ridiculous. LOL:lol:
  4. I KNOW! "It's MY wedding, It's MY day! All decisions will be made by ME!"

    Did you see the one where the woman goes off on the lady in the tux shop because she touched her ring? She compared it to touching someone's butt or something!

    Then there was another one where the bride was telling her sister point by point about the wedding plans. How much more could her sister take without suddenly yelling, "I DON'T CARE!"?
  5. i watched this show and there were alot of screaming and crying. i would not want to be these people's wedding planner.
  6. I've never seen it but it sounds really good!
  7. I think that was Marcia. The nurse who was getting married in Arkansas. Personally, while I feel she was a bit harsh, I can understand where she was coming from. I don't like it when people touch anything on me without my permission. I don't know where their hands have been among other things.

    I watched it last night where one of the brides actually took out a second mortgage on her house. I'm all for a nice wedding, but that seems irresponsible to me.
  8. Mostly, I thought it was hilarious. There was one (was it Marcia, the nurse??^^) who was so mean to her fiance, he ended up crying. that was sad. Most of the tiny details the brides get so upset about will never be noticed by anyone.
  9. I cannot believe Marcia is a nurse-I watched the series Sunday nights last fall, and each was awful in it's own way, but Marcia and Archie? just awful-I think she even wound up on Oprah with her sister-in-law and the hapless Archie-I think it was them-she was basically unrepentant. What I wish they would do is a year after follow-up!
  10. I was thinking I'd hate to be one of her patients! Zero compassion in that woman! Follow-ups would be so interesting.:yes:
  11. What about the soon-to-be bride who was crying because she looked awful in her white sunday dress. She cried like a little baby and said she's supposed to be the prettiest one in her bridal shower. Instead she looked like a marshmallow!
  12. I haven't watched many times, but I always feel so bad for the family and friends who are there taking this attitude, however, they should also stand up and not take it! I cross my fingers that when I plan a wedding I never have an episode even near what the women on that show exhibit!
  13. I remember seeing one where this bride was telling her sister her wedding plans, but her tone of voice sounded like she was berating her!

    The bride's sister was a better woman than I because I would've just interrupted and screamed, "I DON'T CARE!"
  14. :roflmfao:
  15. The one where every other word was the F-word was classic.

    I forget her name. She was blonde, after the ceremony she kept threatening death on her in-laws because they were late.

    Her speech to her guests when she was apologizing for the delay in the ceremony ended with "It WILL be dealt with. BELIEVE me." Her own husband was like, 'shut up!'