Bridesmaids gifts

  1. I did a quick search of the forum and found nothing...(maybe you all can correct me if there is something else out there) I'm looking for a small item for my bridesmaids for my upcoming wedding. I have 3 total (+ a flowergirl or 2) and am having trouble deciding between a mini skinny or a wristlet. I love the multicolor sig stripe mini skinny or just a plain leather soho wristlet. I want it to be simple, as my sister (MOH) is not that in to designer things, and probably wouldn't like the signature as much. My other 2 maids are a little more in to Coach, as they each have a signature bag. I should mention that my wedding is going to be in the spring/summer of I too early? crazy? Should I wait?? Any and all opinions welcome!!
  2. wow....youre thinking really ahead of time!!! definitely wait till '09 to buy their gifts, newer styles will be out! i say buy them wristlets and as for your sister just get her a leather wristlet and the others a signature one.
  3. hehehe, you'll be way more ahead than i'll ever be...we still in 2007 right? hehe, i'm just asking myself out loud, sometimes forget the year sometimes. i'd say wait it out for the newer styles too. but...if you're the type of person who likes to get things done right away, do it now then. don't they have this wristlet that can be personalized with initials? or was it a bag? do they still have it? i'd say you should maybe try that would be a special and personalized gift!
  4. I would wait as well as there will be new things out by then!! I think either choice of mini skinny or wristlet would be a lovely gift, and I agree that signature for your friends and plain leather for your sister!! Congrats on your wedding!!!
  5. I am a, I figure if I have the money now, why not buy them now, when I have the money?! Because the closer it gets to the wedding, the less money I will have...hehe... Also, I enjoy more classic styles, so the newer styles out in 2009 may not be the ones I like. I like the soho leather wristlets and the sig stripe mini skinnys. If Macys has the mini skinnys on sale...I may be all over them!! :smile:
  6. Congrats on your engagement and planning your wedding! I think it's great you are looking right now and the gifts you are thinking about are fabulous! However, I would wait until next spring/summer and possibly beyond before buying your gifts, only because so many styles change.
    Try to enjoy all the preparations for your big day, it will be here sooner than you can imagine! :flowers:
  7. Congrats! I agree with the other posts. Wait & maybe hit the outlet a few times to catch a fabulous buy @ a great price!
  8. i think i would wait a little longer too, items seem to be hitting the outlets sooner so imagine what it will be like then.
  9. Congrats on your engagement!!!

    Yes, I would wait a tad. I think a leather wristlet would be PERFECT. But new colors, styles, etc will always come out.
  10. Well, if you bought them at the Coach boutiques now and then if something comes out in the future that you like better. I would think you would be able to exchange them? I would wait until at least next summer if it was me.
  11. Couldn't have said it better myself! Bravo for being so proactive, by the way!! :yahoo:
  12. Thanks for all the well wishes and advice...maybe I should be a little more patient and wait it out...does this ruin my excuse to persuade the soon-to-be DH that we need to visit the outlet more often? :p
  13. No, I think you still need to go to the outlet. All in the name of research.:whistle:
  14. don't buy them now

    you may totally change your mind in the next two years, that's a really long time

    wait until about 4-6 months before, then buy something, there will be so much different stuff by then, the stuff you see now won't even be around and you dont want your maids to think you got the stuff super cheap on sale or something
  15. I would wait.. 2 years is a long time... and styles will change A LOT. Just my .02