Bridesmaid ensemble -- Help please?

  1. Okay... soooo my brother's wedding is this weekend..
    I have the dress of course (see attached) and the shoes, which are silver open-toe heels... jewelry will be silver, I believe.

    Now.. I'm wondering about the minor details... liiike, what color should I be getting my toenails done? I was gonna go just a simple dark red (but i'm scared it'll be so matchy matchy with the dress) Should I just go safe and get a french manicure on my fingers?

    Makeup isn't an issue, I'm getting it done.. I've decided on how I want my hair.. but nails seem to be the problem.

    I seriously cannot wait for this wedding to be over (for personal reasons), but I've been growing my hair out for like a year and a half and I cannot wait to CHOP it all off, or just do something different. (so yea, check out my hairdo suggestion thread, too :p)

    Anyways... you guys know way more about makeup and beauty than I ever could, so I'm coming to you for help.

    PS: I need to look perfect for this wedding considering more than half of the people there do not like me. Can't give them anymore reasons to pick on me... so the physical part of me has to look great!
  2. WOW - that's a nice dress! The one I had to wear a month ago was ....uh ....turquoise ....halter ..... glittery :throwup:....just bad.

    Okay, back to topic - I'd totally rock the dark red nail polish. It won't be too matchy-matchy. I think it'll look better than the french manicure - which IMHO, is to casual for a wedding.

    I went to a friends wedding this past weekend and the bridesmaids all had a very pretty rust colored dress, and matching polish. It looked very nice.

    Post pics of you all dolled-up so we can all see! :yes: