bridesmaid dress help please!

  1. i'm the MOH in my sister's wedding in august. she's letting us pick out our own dresses but they must be deep purple, short and strapless or sleeveless. but since deep purple is a winter-y color, all the dresses i've found don't fit her criteria. this (or darker, but not black) is the color she wants. help! :sos:
  2. ^^^
    one option is to find a white or off white dress and have it dyed deep purple.
    dark purple is my favourite colour but it's not always in style so i've often bought sweaters and shirts in white and had them dyed. it's usually not very expensive.
  3. thanks ladies!

    heavenlydevil -- my sister already veto'd that one.

    jiaga -- the badgely mischka is beautiful but WAY out of my price range. i'm hoping to keep it under $200 (preferably closer to $100)....but i like the idea of dying a dress. i'll look into that. thanks!
  4. What about this one ($68)?
    Or you can go to David's Bridal or Alfred Angelo and order any of their tea length bridesmaid dresses in eggplant (the dark purple). Most of their gowns are less than $200.
  5. Shiba, those dresses are lovely. As is that Alfredangelo dress posted by Newgrlonthebloc. Will you be looking for jewelry by any chance, ilzabet?

  6. If you decide to dye the dress check out JCrew and Ann Taylor. JCrew sells a lot of nice silk ones (mostly in white) that are $200 or less. Most of the bridal shops you'll get polyester for that. Ann Taylor also has a bridal line called celebrations for about $150/dress.
  7. great suggestions ladies. thank you SO much. i have a few options now. just have to find a place to try them on. thank you!

    passerby: i might be looking for jewelry....i'd love to see what you find!
  8. For jewelry, what's your budget? :smile:
  9. passerby: less than $60 per piece. i probably only need a necklace and maybe a bracelet (white metals if it has metal)....and i'm looking for a sparkley or otherwise pretty headband. :smile:

    for anyone who's curious....i've pretty much decided on this dress in aubergine (the purple color on the top row, fourth from the left) it's the only one i've seen that i think i'll wear again. my sister said it's okay, even though the lace overlay is mostly black, b/c her dress is the long white version and they compliment each other. (and she thought it was funny that i picked it without knowing what her dress looked like)
  10. I'm very curious about this letting you pick your own dresses thing.....I assume your sister realizes that unless they are the same dresses from the same place in the same dye lot, they will all be different shades of purple. It's impossible to even get the same dress at two diff stores and them be the exact same color.

    here's my BM's dress from my wedding, it comes in purple and it looks gorgeous on every body type (mine were black and one BM had hers cut off after the wedding to knee length and it looks great)

    please ignore the anorexic model