Bridesmaid dress alterations goof and my crashdiet - help!

  1. Hi all -

    So next Friday is my brothers wedding, and I'm a brides maid - the dress is TDF - love it! I took it to alterations to have the top taken in just a little bit because it puckered a tiny bit - well I should have let well enuf alone - I got my dress back - they took too much in, and it took me and my soon too b sis-in-law to get the side zipped (I'm 120 pounds and 5'7", I didn't gain any weight, so they must have altered too much of the dress!)

    So here's my dilemma - I need to lose about 3 to 5 pounds by next Friday, they cannot let out any of the sides, theres no material to let out - so any tips on a quick loss so that I'm not squeezed into this dress all Next Friday??

    Thank you!!!! :hysteric:
  2. i know unhealthy ways, but just be very strict on yourself over the next week, limit you foods to a little as posible only eat when your starving, for the last few days limit you liquid intake as well BUT that is dangerous so if you feel the slightest bit queezy its important to have some water or juice! i wouldnt recomend any of this ut this day is important for you so desperate calls call for desperate measures! and end this diet the day after the wedding . and if you get really desperate take some laxatives
  3. NO CARBS.
    Do it by diet- just decrease your caloric intake. watch every bite that goes in your mouth.
    no sauce, no soda, no carbs.
    Lots of water!
  4. wow, sorry to hear about your situation! i am the type that just from looking at water I gain weight!! lol I am currently seeing a nutritionist and well lets just say for anyone who is having any trouble loosing weight, I highly suggest trying a nutritionist out. ok there is really no healthy way to loose 3-5 lbs in just a week, but here are a few suggestions..

    3-4 eggs whites only in the morning, lunch small salad, dinner only chicken breast (no skin) or tilapia before 6pm (alone no sides)
    lots of green with only lemon or ving dressing
    lots of water (lay off juices they have to much sugar)
    wear a corset or a sweating belt as much as you can a day
    and just try to walk 45 min a day til then...

    good luck and let us know if you can get into the dress..
  5. Thanks for the ideas! I've been eating as little as possible and drinking tons of water - this is only until the wedding day, normally I am a health food nut and really diligent about health, but like naughtymanolo said 'desperate times call for desperate measures" I have got to look good for their wedding. My sis in law to be is worried too, so I promised her I would pull out all the stops and fit into this dress hell or high water - I have lost 2 pounds in the last 4 days, so hoping by next Friday I can fit perfectly into it, and will post pics of me in the dress holding a HUGE slice of wedding cake :smile:
  6. Have you tried a minimizing under garment? That might bring you in *just* enough to make it fit.
  7. i was going to say why dont you wear a corset or those thigh pants that smooth everything. haha. strave yoruself to get into the dress than at the reception make sure you eat.. cuz you will feel ill dancing if u have nothing in u..

    Enjoy though
  8. Buy a shaper and that should help. Don't starve!
  9. i would starve myself...but thats not of luck
  10. The big day is tomorrow, and thanks to your tips, I am down 5 and the dress fits perfectly! I am so excited for that wedding cake tomorrow!
  11. The bridesmaids in my wedding party had trouble with their fittings too, their alterations didn't go so well either. I remember being upset, well, most of us being upset. Anyway, I'm glad you fit into your dress. Don't forget to post pics.
  12. aw glad you could do it! I would've suggested spanx, but I didn't see this post earlier. ;)