Brideshead Unvisited

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  1. Has anyone seen it yet?? I CAN NOT WAIT!!:nuts:
  2. LOL, you mean Brideshead Revisited, don't you? It's based on a book by Evelyn Waugh. I have seen the commercials and it looks like the kind of film I would enjoy watching with my "pre-gay" stepson.
  3. Omg, I thought the same thing and thought that maybe the OP saw the movie and was making fun of the title. haha.

    nope, I haven't seen it yet but I think I'm gonna see it this wkend along with Sisterhood of the travelling pants....that does come out this weekend right?
  4. HA HA!!! Trust me to spell the title wrong!! Its not my area so I can not fix it!! Anyway...when you all see back!!!
  5. I've been DYING to watch this...I'm hoping to catch it this weekend!
  6. I saw it last week and hated it! It was long and boring and I kept thinking something would happen but it didn't. It was quite weird