brides opinions needed.

  1. I'm in search for my wedding shoes. Find one at a great price on bluefly but the heel is only 2". Should I get something taller or is it a good height?

  2. It depends how high you want your heels to be especially if your fiancee is taller. Also, it depends what you are comfortable with wearing. Some people can stand, walk, and dance in super high heals, but others(including me!) cannot. Plus, a lot of times you don't always see much of the shoes because of the dress so wearing something that is comfortable(esp. heel wise) may be the easier.
  3. It depends if you like flats or heels better. Personally, I would choose higher heels but if you like those shoes and are more comfortable wearing a lower heel height for your wedding, then go for it! lol.
  4. Oh, I just posted a thread over in the Glass Slipper section asking for wedding shoe recommendations, too! Definitely go with the height you'd be most comfortable in. I assume you won't be sitting down for much of the night, other than a little bit of dinner, so make sure you can walk in them.
  5. i went with a three inch on my special day and that was perfect. there are so many cute bridal styles and sales that you should be able to find the style, comfort & price you're looking for.

  6. Yes I do want something higher but I can't seem to find any that I like. I found another pair from Delman for $69 originally $245 with a 3.25" heel. What do you think?
  7. I prefer the delman ones I think the other ones are too plain and boring.
  8. I like the ones that Jinsun suggested. They're really cute, and the heel height isnt that high.
  9. I think 3" heels are perfect for weddings; I would avoid any pointy toe shoes. Peep toes and sandals are best, IMO.
  10. The Delman one is much cuter. I agree that you should get the shoes that you can walk & dance comfortably in for the whole wedding. I worn 3.5" strappy heels for my wedding, and I was comfortable walking and dancing in that height heels for over 12 hours.
  11. Definitely go with the height you are comfortable in. I wore 3.5" for my wedding, unlike qtiekiki, my feet were killing me because I'm not used to wear heels over 3". That's also why it's hard to find a pair of CL's for me. I can't walk in tall skinny heels. I like the Delmon better.
  12. Kate Spade has amazing wedding shoes...check it out!
  13. Definitely the Delman shoes with the bow - they are lovely!
  14. Are CL's in your price range? There are some fabulous wedding shoes we came up with for a tPF member. There are a few choices that would be great for a wedding and if you are willing to pay the extra money, you can get the soles done in Tiffany blue. That can be your 'something blue'. :smile:
  15. ^^ agree!