bride wars wardrobe??

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  1. who/what is the bag kate hudson carries throughout the new bride wars movie?
  2. It's Tod's T Bag Media Tote
  3. if you look on and sign up you can see lots of items the girls wore in the movie!
  4. thanks!!
  5. What about Anne Hathaway's purse? The brown one.
  6. It was a Coach Gigi Tote Bag ;)

  7. she had two. one in whiskey and one in camel. i'd die for the whiskey for sure. such classic bags.
  8. Ugh I'm kicking myself for selling mine!!! It was an awesome bag, I highly recommend it, but it was very heavy.

    I loved Kate's bag she wore as well!
  9. Does anyone know if the Tod's bag is still available in the black patent? Thanks.
  10. I purchased mine last summer, but you can call the boutique and ask. I purchased mine from Sasha at Tod's Beverly Hills. If it is no longer in stores, the outlet may have it an they will ship.