Bride has massive wig out over hair

  1. Has anyone else seen this? They showed a clip on The Today Show this morning: YouTube - Bride Has Massive Hair Wig Out

    How her friends didn't slap the heck out of her is beyond me. The second she told the one girl to "f'off" I would have kicked her and walked out.
  2. :wtf: I'm speechless...
  3. HOLY ...MOLY..........DANG..Im speechless...ROFL..Is this for REAL?????
  4. I heard about this a couple days ago...a local radio station played it. She went way overboard w/ cutting her hair she should have just let all her bridemaids help her.
  5. Omg. I was laughing so hard! :roflmfao:
  6. I saw it and also noticed that the ladies discussing it were mixed about whether it was real or a put-on-I sort of thought it was real, but maybe thats because I watched a season of Bridezilla! I have left salons in a rage, and several times I have held the scissors in one hand and my hair in the other, so I guess it's possible-personally I'm glad I won't have that clip following me for the rest of my days!
  7. Yet another bride who's focus is too much on being a princess on that day & not what the wedding day really stands for.
  8. When does she start talking in her demonic voice?
    And the chorus of people singing in Latin backwards?
    And her head start spinning?

    "Why did you let me cut my hair!?!?!"

    Um . . . because you're going crazy and holding a sharp and pointy object . . . .
  9. maybe it wasn't real??? i hope not :shrugs:

  10. Yeah, the Today Show prefaced it by saying they weren't sure if it was real or not.

    If it's fake, they did a darn good job acting, but if it's real-boy do I feel bad for the groom! He's going to be in for a loooooong marriage!:push:
  11. :roflmfao:
  12. It seemed some what staged to me. If not, Damn !
  13. I would bet it's a fake video... pretty scary, though, if it's real!!!
  14. Why didnt she just make the salon redo her hair?@!
  15. And this just goes to show you that you're not supposed to try a new hairstyle on the day of a big event.

    You're supposed to do it at least two weeks in advance. (That way, if it sucks, you still have time to fix it and try something different.)