bridal shower gifts?

  1. Ok I am totally clueless here. What type of gift are you supposed to get for a bridal shower? The bride to be is my bf's sister. I am thinking jewelry or something...? She will be moving after the shower so nothing big that she couldn't take with her.
    Thanks :biggrin:
  2. Did she register? You can type her name in on the knot and it searches quite a few registries. The gifts are usually useful gifts that they can use in their new home together...dishes, silverware, bedding, towels...whatever. I almost always pick something off the registry and if it is larger I'll split it with someone...which I'd never do for a wedding gift but in my experience that's totally cool for a shower. I understand the move...but they must be prepared to bring could always pick something that is easy to pack I suppose.
  3. another website is for registries. i know its boring to get something from there but that's really what people want!
  4. Unfortunately she has no registry. I asked her and she said she didn't make one because they have everything they need for the home (which is in the middle east. She is having her wedding there and her fiance is there)
  5. Maybe a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant for a night out with her fiance/husband? Or a pretty picture frame for a wedding photo and something else? Do you know where their honeymoon is? You can get them couples massages there or some sort of experience and have it prepaid for their honeymoon? I dont know, she's made it hard on you! You can also get her lingerie or something like that too... usually if there is family at the shower, like grandparents, it is a little more tasteful than if it is just around friends!
  6. Lol yes, it's a hard to shop for one. I like the gift certificate idea, maybe for a day at the spa or something?
  7. A gift certificate.
  8. A gift certificate would be great.
  9. something memorable. Maybe a pillow or a blanket that's printed with with her and her fiance or their family/friends?
  10. Gift certificate or personalized thing that you're pretty sure they will keep and use.
  11. the most common and appropriate gift for bridal showers is Bath Towels and linens.

    a friend asked me this question, i responded with "iono, bath towels?" and she looked on and it said the same thing.

    this was a couple years ago though.. times have changed, but bath towels are still considered good gifts.