Bridal Shower Gift for a Woman You Don't Know?

  1. My cousin is getting married and his fiancé’s bridal shower is this weekend. I have no idea what to get her as I've only met her a couple times. Any suggestions? What's an appropriate price range considering I don't really know her?

    Thanks ladies!
  2. I've never met her so will probably be no help. :p
  3. Maybe some nice candles?
  4. Does she have a registry? What is the theme for the shower?

    If you have no info at all, maybe a gc to Williams-Sonoma or Crate & Barrel or one of those types of places for an amount you feel is appropriate? I don't envy you! This is the part I like the least- I'm Asian and we usually give cash, which makes it much easier to gift someone!
  5. going off her registry is the easiest. IMO between $30-$50 is a decent price range for a shower gift.
  6. I agree..I think a Gift Card in the $50 range is good! Or, you could just give cash. I always appreciate that as a gift! :yes:
  7. I'll be a bit of dissent here. How close are you to your cousin? Are you invited b/c it is just a large family thing where all the women are invited or do you think you'll have a relationship w/ this woman after? Call me cheap, but if I was not close to my cousin and was not going to have any relationship w/ this woman aside from her wedding festivities, I'd go no more than $25.

    However, I DO have a weird family that is very fragmented. I only have a handful of cousins but due to old fights, I only talk to 2 of them and they are much, much younger- middle school and younger.
  8. A gift card is always safe.
  10. I think that bridal showers and baby showers are two things that should include personal things for the woman - not just stuff for married life or for the baby. It helps keep the person feeling like the focus is still on them too! I got my friend an entire collection from the secret garden sets at Victoria's Secret and she loved it amidst all the new baby stuff she got! She said every time she used it, she felt pampered and loved by me.

    So maybe in this case, a gift card to somewhere she likes to shop would be appropriate. I got a lot of those at my bridal shower and I loved going shopping to pick out new stuff after I was back from the wedding!!! You could just ask your cousin where his fiancee likes to shop!
  11. $25 is good. You could get a lot for that amount if you do a gift set where you're getting a price break on the collection! I like the Exclusives on cuz Makeup is always fun! or you could get something from Bath & Body Works. I'm pretty sure they're having a sale on different stuff...
  12. Potholders?
    Just kidding!

    I've given candles (asked beforehand for scents she likes) and candlesticks.
  13. For a friend I made up "bathroom" baskets for her to use at the wedding
    The ladies had:
    -tums and asprin
    -nail file
    -breath mints and gum, and floss
    -hair spary
    -small sewing kit,safety pins and bobby pins
    and a bottle of clear polish for that chipped nail or a run in a nylon.

    -breathmints and gum
    -tums and asprin
    -again spray deod
    -tooth picks

    They were a big hit and the guests all comented how nice it was to have these items avilable if things went wrong. I had a cute little saying that I printed on nice paper and out in silver frames for beside the baskets.
  14. I always buy something in the $25-100 range off the registry depending on how well I know the person. If they registered for it, they obviously want it. If they don't have a registry I buy a giftcard or give cash :shrugs:

    My sisters got a lot of lingerie in the wrong size and just plain weird crap at their showers. I know it's the thought that counts, but getting someone something they definitely want is both thoughtful and appropriate IMO.